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Friday, October 14, 2005 

MSM Bias/Political Terrorist Aid

Now lets take a look at the lack of coverage brought forth by the MSM in its political correctness. This lack of coverage does not do the average American or average western/Christian person any aid at all. By hiding or neglecting what Islamofacist and radicals are doing, covering up the truth in a false act to not antagonise these wacko's is simpley giving aid to their propaganda agenda.

What has happened this week. Well as pointed out on Michelle Malkins blog Chechnian rebels ( Islamic based and radical backed) have launched several massive attacks on not only the government but the citizens of Chechnia. Where is the coverage on this from the American press. Well they are to busy trying to figure out if nomination Miers is qualified, and if Tom Delay is guilty of the same campiagn infractions as Ted (I may be drunk but i didnt murder anyone)Kennedy, or Hillary (I am smarter and better then the average redneck) Clinton.

Time to connect the dots my loyal readers/friends. I can only warn you so many times. Its like telling a child not to touch the stove because it is hot, sooner or later the child will touch the stove and learn. You get burned when you play with fire.

Lets look at the dots that are so easily connected but ignored by the MSM (main stream media).
An intercepted letter of Al( bunch of punks/thugs/murderers)Quaida. In this letter it outlines how Iraq should and plans to be the center of the new Islamofacist world. How Isreal shall be attacked and destroyed. The complete domination of the world and conversion to the so called religion of peace. (side note , this religion of so called peace has been through out history an antagonist, violent and oppressive dominating authoritarian, genocidal regime.)

With the new Oklahoma bomber just outside of a college football game, Hienrichs involvment with the local Islamic movement. The coverup of facts on the explosive, downplay of suicide ( who comites suicide by blowing themselves up unless you want to take others with you?). Sealed search warrents, found radical Islamic movement material in his possesion and roomates of middle eastern background. Now the Big 12 schools are clamping down on newly implaced security issues. (hmmmm, what does this mean?)

A threat of attack on the New York subways. Then the bomb squad in Penn Station wearing haz mat suits. ( you do not wear a haz mat suit for bombs). Possible pharmacists entering this country who have been trained in chemical and biological warfare in the middle east by Islamofacists.


President Bush pushing for government /federal troops , aka the military to have authority to step in and enforce quaritines. The increased time table for the new CDC to be finished here in Colorado. A so called pandemic that may be approaching. The formal request by the government to Phamacuticals to increase and stock pile vaccines. What does this mean.

With parental and ACLU lack of vaccinating the youth of this country against things like polo, chicken pox, measels,something that used to be madatory. (Remember if you are over 35 getting these shots in school, they do not do that now.)

One has to wonder , going back to a young man. A loner, single, somewhat outcast in college. Suddenly getting involved with local Islamic activities, how many others are out there that are being prayed upon by oppertunistic Islamofacists and converted(politically correct term) actually being brainwashed. To do some act of domestic terrorism against this country.

Open boarder groups coming out publically and admiting their affiliations of socialist ideals and communist beliefs/Anti American views. Obstructing the law and restricting citizens rights while provideing you can't touch me laws to ILLEGALS. Lack of control by several governments (ours, Mexico, and Candain) to patrol and watch boarders. Actually support from the Mexican government to keep the boarder wide open and protected for illegals to cross. When I say ILLEGALS in this case I refere to the drug runners, human trafficers, and terrorists that are known to be along the boarder. Not the illegals who jump the boarder to steal jobs for lower wages from American citizens. ( A TOPIC I SHALL SOON BLOG ON ALSO).

When you look at the big picture and connect these dots. Do the research. There is some clear and defineing lines of attack being scene here. I do mean attack for we are at WAR. These dots individually do not pose a major theat. Put them together and you see a major front of opposition to the American way of life, Christianity, and Western Culture genocide.

Does the MSM talk about any of this? NO! They may give a blurp here and there but no real reporting of the facts and the interlinking of these topics. The evidance is out there on this. DO THE RESEARCH!!!!!!! I am no conspirocy theory nut. I do not believe in the government hiding space aliens at area 51 ( we all know they moved the evidance to Utah)but look at what is going on. Who is envolved, and the so called reasons for the actions.

Has the MSM reported on the increase in Muslims in south America? NO! That Islam is on the rise in Latin America. Catholosim is being not only preached against but having violent acts thrust upon them in traditinally Cathlic regions. Groups of murderouse thugs and punks like MS - 13 conducting murderers and terrorism not only in Central America but from coast to coast here in America. Who is backing these punks. Islamofacists from the middle east.

Where is the MSM on this? Out to lunch because it is not politically correct to point out that a minority of people (who happen to be racist and oppressive in nature) might be offeneded by the truth of their actions. A media controled by ideologs and socialist who do not believe in Truth , Justice, and the American way. A way that for over one hundred years has had the fortitude to do the right thing and protect the "citizens" of the world against oppression and aggression.

By not reporting the truth the media is giving aid to terrorism and human rights violaters.

Thats how i see things . If you disagree, prove to me where I am wrong. If not get to your local gunstore and load up. The war for our way of life will soon be in our streets, and in your homes.

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