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Saturday, October 22, 2005 

Star status = Intelligence?

A very disturbing trend is going on in the higher education ranks. It seems that being a guest lecturer on topics not educated in is passay.
Cameron Diaz recently surprised a class at Stanford University when the "Charlie's Angels" star helped lead a lecture on environmentally friendly design.Madonna lectured students at New York's Hunter College.

I can see asking these stars to speak on their experiances in their proffesion, much like asking a police officer to speak on law enforcment. I certainly would not ask a police officer to explain quantum physics. What would be his qualifications? The same for these stars. What exactly is their qualification to speak on topics.Ok so Cameron Diaz is passionate about the enviroment. So what So am I .... to a point with in reason. But does her passion make her qualified to lecture a class of collage students as gospel information.

This is a very disturbing trewnd that is going on. Being passionate but not knowledgable on topics makes you a lecturer. No wonder American school graduates can not get a job. They have learned nothing.

When stars appear at political ralley's to speak. This is justified or acceptable because it is a ralley. Here passion is good ... to a point . ( Don't forget one of the most passionate speakers in history was Adolph Hitler ). A ralley is not school. To pass off and pretend to be an expert of an educated topic is FRAUD. However since the established education system is full of now qualifed educaters who are passionate on topics and not educated on them. I suppose they do not see the fraud they commite on a daily basis and the harm they create in their lack of intelligence on subject matter.
Yes Mary there is global warming, the white man is behind all the world problems, and ocean front property in Arizona is expensive but a good investment.

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