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Saturday, October 15, 2005 

My Birthday

Well it is my birthday .... oh yeeehaw :(

What do i wish for on this occasion that comes around every year and means not a whole lot. Hmmmm, lets see. I guess I would first wish for a leggy blond named Katrina.

Next wow an old stand by from the Miss America padgent ... world peace? Nope Miss America ..... lol.

A superbowl win and Stanley cup coming back to Denver.

An end to illegal immigration

Making English the official language of this country ... you bet.

A politician that actually listens to his contituants, sure.

Money, lots of money, yeah that would do.

A vacation to some exotic place with lots of bikinin clad women who think I walk on water. That would be cool, never walked on water before.

A wish list that won't come true, thats why it is a wish list. I will settle for another year, close to family and good friends, well ok I will throw in a vacation this next year.

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