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Saturday, October 15, 2005 


I have been doing some thinking and I have the solutions to a lot of the major problems and some minor ones. The first being smack the inventore of computers up side his head because this is the third time I have had to retype this blog because it keeps dissapearing on me.
Remeber this is my blog and I publish my opinions and encourage civilized discourse on the topics I publish. However this time I know I shall recieve a few harsh critisims. Well before you set to type why you think I am right or wrong, bite me!
I have been thinking on these topics for a while and will offer several courses of action to some to others there in my mind is only one plan of action.....MINE =)

The first topic is ....... (jeopardy music)

The easiets way to solve the invasion of illegals is to build a wall and mine field that stretches the full length of the southern and northern boarders. Then place the military on them to patrol and enforce our soviernty. Round up those that are here ILLEGALLY and deport them back home. Then deduct the coast from the aid we give their government. Allow those who legally want to come here enter at Ellis Island, where a doctor can examine them. I know this isn't to the liking of those bleeding heart antiAmerican globalist. However maybe the next solution will be to your liking.
Solution number two:
Disolve the American government , declare the United States defunked and over with. Give control to the thieves in the United Nations. Round up all white european decent citizens , put them in forced labor camps inorder to support the rest of the worthless world. Then anyone of a minority that feels or has loyalties to America ....shoot them. This should please the globalist commies, and socialitic putzes trying to ruin this country.

Again there are two solutions. Both as plane as the nose on Ahkmeds face ....can't miss that beak. Or that italian table cloth he wears on his head.

Meet violance with unmittegated destruction. An eye for an eye? No an eye for a body. You behead one of us we send a thousand of you two Allah. Not with a nuke either, but covered in the innards of slaughtered pigs and mutilated beyond recognition. ( sound harsh? Damn right! They want to kill us and remove our way of life and impose their radical oppressive notions of religion upon us people.)
They commitre an act of violance against us , we respond with the wrath of GOD!. Time to stop coddeling these radicals. This is war and war is not pretty. If they will not play by the Geneva convention then we shouldn't either. Take the damn kid gloves off and "LOOSE THE DAWGS OF WAR". Bring a new meaning to the term seek and destroy. Hunt them and their families down and eliminate then with EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!!!!

To radical you say? You mean makes to much sense. Ok then option number two. Everyone convert to Islam, pray to mecca and end western civilization. Ok problem solved next.

Take your psycoanalitic B.S. and park it Freud. You commit a crime and are found guilty you serve the time. You murder someone and get caught, expect THE DEATH PENALTY. Not some easy going shot in the arm either, or electric chair but hang them and hang them high publicly. Put felons back on the chain gang and make them work off their crimes. Prison is a punishment not a reward for bad behavior. End the cable television and game rooms. No more workout sessions except on the chain gang. There are lots of projects that need laborers. Put the felons to work NOW.

Oh no we need to coddle and talk nicely to these poor misunderstood thugs/punks/rapeists, child molestors. It isn't their fault they know right from wrong but still do something wrong. It is societies fault. Ok Freud then lets put these criminals in your house and let the child molestors baby sit your children , and the rapists escort your daughters and wives to the store or to prom. Lets rehabilitate thieves by making them bank tellers alright. makes sense to me. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Build more refineries!!!!!!

Stop giving foriegn aid to countries that don't like us. Mexico, any raghead nation, Half of Europe. Demand repayment of WWII loans form France, Belgium, Norway, ect ..... this could end the deficit there.
Quit making a welfare state. Revamp the welfare system into a hand up not a hand out.
Aid Americans before aiding ILLEGALS with freebee's.

Build more refineries.
Make alternative fuels.
Outlaw enviromentalists from driving those fume puking cars with earth first bumper stickers on them.
Build more nuclear reactors and hydrolic plants.

The political correct answers
Outlaw automobiles and make everyone ride a horse ( but who will clean up after the horses?)
Everone must ride a bicycle when in citiy limits. Even in blizzards and hurricane force rain and wind.
End man kind so that the earth can no longer suffer from global warming.

This is the simpelist answer yet. Make these morons live for a couple years in a third world nation that doesn't allow freedom of speech or any of our Contitutional rights. Then they will see just how good they have it here.

outlaw it and force the rappers to listen 24/7 with head phones they can not remove for a week. Then maybe they will come up with something origional and worth listening to. (to much talent out there wasted on noise.)

Deport this racist and extremist to the middle east where he can live with his so called Islamofacists friends. Seee then if he can run his mouth and preach his tolerance of peace.

Post the ten comandments every where for all to read. It is the basis for all western civilization and law. Teach the truth about the Constitution and its meaning, not some made up version of a ever changing document that does not exisit. Make civics classes mandatory with qualified teachers not hacks collecting a check.

Well these are some answers to some problems. I can solve all the problems but then what do you contribute. I shouldn't have to do all the work. Afterall it takes a village right?

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