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Monday, November 06, 2006 

A word to the Watchers.

As tomorrow is voteing day and the polls are going to be crouded by the socalled nonparticin watchers to make sure any ilregularities are reported. In other words left extremists are going to be hanging all over those who exercise their right and responsibility to vote.

Let me put a word to the wise out there. In a polling place it is ILEGAL to actively promote any candidate or issue. Voteing is a private manner and is no ones buisness as to who one votes for or supports. Be it on the left or right, it is no ones buisness but the one who votes.

Now for a warning to those eager to watch. STAY AWAY FROM ME WHILE I AM IN THE POLLING HOUSE!! If I am bothered by just one of you I will have you arrested and charged with whatever I can find and think of. you may have the right to observe but keep your mouths shut and stay away from the polling officials!!!!!!!!!

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