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Friday, October 03, 2008 

As Predicted

As I predicted yesterday morning. The pundits are following party lines. Over whelming saying that Sen. Joe Biden was better in the debate and won. Claiming substance over populist rhetoric.

On FOX one pundit ignored the question of who did better completely and went in for the anti Republican talking points. Saying that Gov. Palin has no experience and if needed would not be ready to lead this country. That Joe Biden had the experience and knowledge needed.

I told you that even if Joe Biden stayed home and sat in his boxers drinking beer that the pundits would call the debate in his favor. This is what they are doing. Ignoring the lies, the 180 turn, and the gaffes of Biden.

One gets the distinct feeling that this election is full of not only fraud but has a hidden agenda that will decimate this country in the near future.

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