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Friday, October 03, 2008 

V.P. Debate, my take

The hype was in my opinion not lived up to. The debate billed to be a big showdown, and a must win for Gov. Palin. Was not up to my expectations.

Maybe I was expecting to much out of this. Hoping for those one liners that are memorable. Something out of Ronald Reagan's book, " I won't use my opponents youth and inexperience against him."

Over all Gwen Ililf was for the most part fair. Al though on several occasions she allowed Sen. Joe Biden to get in extra shots after a call to end the remarks for the question. Then not allowing Gov. Palin to fire back.

The questions came down fair. Nothing out of the corner to blind side the debaters. I was for the most part surprised at this. I thought for sure there would be many attempts for a "gotcha" moment.

Sen. Joe Biden was smooth, and I thought very confident. A little to much, being on the verge of smug. I felt he was polished with his answers. Answers that many times were a left spin and false in their conclusions, yet still smooth and polished.

Now Gov. Palin I felt was comfortable, not a smooth as Biden, but that was only do in my opinion from a time experience. In other words she will polish in time as she gets more opportunity to talk in front of people and a national audience. I felt Gov. Palin was a little vague in her answers. Not enough "here is the facts" answers.

There was more then ample opportunity to hit home the fact that Biden has done a 180 on his support for Obama and Obama's liberal/socialist plans. More info on the hidden tax agenda could have been brought out. Then she should have driven home the fact that Biden is now supporting a candidate who wants to disarm this country. Citing as a prime example of this, Obama's speeches to the fringe left. Speeches in where he says to lead they way in a nuclear world we have to remove our nukes to lead.

I think Sarah Palin should have hit harder on Bidens record. A point that Sen. Joe Biden kept eluding to. "Just look at my record. It speaks for itself." It sure does and a pretty abismale statement it makes. Sen. Joe Bidens record is full of bad votes, bad bills, and simply bad leadership.

Missed Votes:

Joseph Biden has missed 207 votes (31.6%) during the current Congress. See a list of his missed votes since 1991 or see a full list of vote missers.

Voting with Party:

Joseph Biden has voted with a majority of his Democratic colleagues 96.7% of the time during the current Congress. This percentage does not include votes in which Biden did not vote. See a list of his votes against his party since 1991, a list of all Senators in the 110th Congress with a similar score, or a full list of party voters.

A voting record of 96.7% down party lines. In a party that has the record of the least productive and lowest approval rating in American history to date. This does not speak very highly of Joe's voting record now does it?

For years, Sen. Biden has been calling for the prison camp at Guantanamo to be shut down, saying it has “become the greatest propaganda tool that exists for recruiting of terrorists around the world.”

Biden says the prisoners should be moved to the maximum security military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He has cosponsored legislation that would release all Guantanamo prisoners who have not been charged. This would mean releasing nearly all the prisoners. Allowing them to regroup and attack again without punishment.

Biden praised the Supreme Court’s June 2008 decision that Guantanamo prisoners have the constitutional right to contest their detention in federal courts. He called the ruling “an important and much-needed check by a co-equal branch of government on an Administration which has shown utter contempt for the rule of law. An act that takes a huge bite out of the military and how they handle under the Geneva convention ILLEGAL COMBATANTS.

Biden voted against the Military Commissions Act, an act that would let the military continue to use the Uniformed Code of Military Justice as it was originally written.

Back to the debate.

A feel Gov. Sarah Palin failed to hit the home runs needed. Letting Biden get away with his global warming myths. Remember the state of Alaska sued the federal government to remove the Polar Bear from the endangered species list as there is an over population of Polar Bear, not the disappearing bear as extremists claim.

At best I think the debate went 60/40 in favor of Palin, only do to the lies perpetrated by Biden and allowed to go on by the moderator.

The Barracuda was absent.

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