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Sunday, October 26, 2008 

Ask the Question, get labeled

We have seen this for the last two years of this present Presidential campaign. Soft ball after softball questions for the Democratic candidates. A refusal to answer any question of substance or intelligence. Ask the relevant question on a statement or position and the left gets their knickers in a twist. Labeling and spin results in the actual statement.

Is this what we have to look forward to? Censorship of one party and what they say. A denial with the aid of lawyers and media on the truth. It would appear so.

In a time of nothing more then feel good ideas, redistribution of wealth and platitudes from the left. Too many are falling for the spin and cover up of the true agenda. An agenda that leads to only indentured servitude to the state. Where politicians of one side silence opposition and the freedoms of the people.

An end run on the SOVEREIGNTY and CONSTITUTION of this great nation is under way. In the most insidious manner possible. FROM WITHIN, with the aid of the system. Liberal judges who legislate and fail to interpret the law as is required of them. Lawyers who line up to sue for the love of money from their rich leftist employers, not caring that they are tearing down the legal system that is one day supposed to protect them. The youth, who from years of social engineering have no idea of the truth in history or an understanding of what it means to have to earn something. Promises of we are all equal, only if you think like we do. Denial of their hatred and intolerance to those who have actual life experience. Demands of equal pay and benefits to those with years of on the job experience.

Those on the dole demanding more from those who earn. You have to provide for us it is only fair because we lack a work ethic and fortitude. Simple jealousy from the have nots to those who have. Why because in reality life is not fair and those who strive to achieve through accomplishment are rewarded for their effort.

If a candidate or Representative say like John Murtha puts his foot into his mouth and lets slip his contempt for the people. The left jumps to spin the truth. When Obama claims that people cling to their beliefs and guns is wrong and bigoted. As Barney Frank let's it be known he wants to disarm this nation with the backing of those we are supposed to trust in office. We find that questioning them about these stances is wrong and hateful. That we are either labeled or forced to feel guilty about questioning what is going on in this nation.

The left cannot, and will not be questioned on their agenda or thinking. Remember they are progressive thinkers and know better then us, the average American. We are "unenlightened". Even if we have a collage degree and have seen first hand the reality in this world. Those who have never traveled any further then the red carpets of Paris or the bars in Cancun know better how the world works.

The left cannot stand the heat. Joe Bidden and Barack Obama exemplify this by their refusal and false claims of unfair interviews and media coverage. When in fact they have faced very little questioning from their friends. So when some one like WFTV-Channel 9's Barbara West, asks the straight question. They cry foul, and deny access.

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