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Tuesday, October 21, 2008 

Colorado Referendum L

Referendum L is yet another bad proposal for the State of Colorado. In first glance it looks like a cool idea. Let younger people get active in State politics. however a closer look and some simple thinking of this referendum, it is a bad idea.

What is Referendum L? Well it is to lower the age requirement for serving in the state legislature from 25 to 21. Sounds good doesn't it.

Why is it a bad idea? Simple, how many 21 year old do you know that have any true real world experience and wisdom in politics and the ways of governing. Sure there are a few remarkable individuals who are extremely smart and practical enough to do this job. However the vast majority are not mature enough for collage let alone to be in a position of authority.

One can argue that in the military there are hundreds of 21 year old in positions of authority and doing quit well at it. Well let us not forget that these individuals have been schooled, tried , and tested for their ability before given the responsibility. An actual real world experience is in the training of these fine young men and women.

I encourage the youth to get involved and make a difference. However how about a little practice and learning before being put in a position of authority. Say something simple like interning for their local Representative. Being an aid to their Representative for a few years first. Do some research and see what bills are being passed. The effect and cause of good vs. bad legislation. The learning curve first before the grade.

Now the age requirement in Colorado has been in place since we became a state in 1876. One could argue that many Representatives in the State Legislature, even at the age of 40 plus are not qualified to be there by reason of immaturity and lack of experience.

This youth movement is good but it is being pushed along to fast and too far. A NO vote is recommended for this Referendum L.

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