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Tuesday, October 21, 2008 

Barney Frank shows the socialist hand

Just how ignorant is the American populace? Well as this election comes closer to a finish we are learning that the American populace is fairly ignorant. Ignorant meaning that one is uniformed and unaware of what is going on.

With a sense of power being felt by the socialist in Congress (that would be the once Democratic party). They are no longer guarding or paying attention to what they say about legislation or their contempt for the American voter. Look at John Murtha. He has gone from calling his fellow marines murderers to calling his constituents racist bigots, to now calling them rednecks. Is this not contempt for those who employee him?

Pelosi is drooling along with Harry Reid on bringing back censorship in broadcasting and disguising it fairness in broadcasting. Make no mistake it is nothing more then a silencing of dissenting voices to their socialism. We have sen this happen time and time again. Remember a little thing called the Third Reich? Cuba, and lets not forget what Hugo Chavez has done on the last couple years in Venezuela. Socialism is on the move and it is here in America taking seat.

Now Congressman Barney Frank is letting it known that higher taxes are on the way. A redistribution of wealth and an attack on those who are achieving. This is classic socialist tactics. Give hand outs to those in the lowest economic class and steal from the highest economic class. This creates a huge new economic class that is not at the bottom, not middle , and not in the high economic class. It creates an economic class that is dependant on the government for a handout to survive.

Barney Frank has eluded that there are plenty of rich we can increase taxes on. But what he fails to see is this will not last. Several reasons why. One is that when you take all their money there is no more to take. Two the rich will take their money elsewhere and not reinvest it in American markets, because of the higher taxes. Savings, checking accounts, certificates of deposits all will move off shore and over seas to avoid higher taxes.

When the rich, and this includes corporations, move out of country they stop investing here. This leads to less jobs, less productivity and a higher inflation rate. This causes the economy to either slow to a crawl slower then it is now, or to stop and go backwards. This is a recession or worse a depression in the making.

Now I single out Barney Frank here because of his latest comment on taxation. However the news is full of these comments from the left. It is a hourly thing. The lefts agenda is on the move and we are about to be trampled underfoot if we do not pay attention.

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