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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 

More Race Baiting By the Left

This is amazing. Not to mention a grasp at another low by the left in an effort to smear conservatives.

We see new and different ways to associate racial hatred to anyone who criticise the left and their candidates or their ideological thinking. A way of thinking that at the best is SOCIALIST and worse COMMUNIST. It is hateful and spun into away to agitate minorities into believing that there is bigotry when there is none.

Lewis Diuguid, of the Kansas City Star now falsely claims that the term SOCIALIST is code for the Black man. Say what? Yes he claims that by exposing Barack Obama and his socialist agenda on the economic front of his campaign is racist and hints at it being bigoted.

Shame on McCain and Palin for using an old code word for black


Above is his absurd article and the link. Read and laugh at his stupidity. Then weep as this is just the beginning of how the left will label and smear all those who oppose them in ideas and politically. Should the left get more entrenched into our government we will see censorship like never before. The thought police are coming and IDIOTS like this Diuguid is leading the way.

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