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Saturday, October 18, 2008 

Pelosi Brags, Reid smirks, Obama Parties

Over on America's Right, an excellent blog by the way and very informative. Two very well written and worded pieces are posted.

One: A Democratic Party Brings Harsh Consequences.

Two: A Liberal Super Majority.

Both of these blogs express my concerns and opinions almost to a tee. Yet Jeff Schreiber, the man behind the blog uses a more tactful and elegant wording then I would.

I have for several days been thinking of how to express and put to words what a Democratic President Obama the socialist and his comrades in arms positioned in both the House and Senate will do to this country.

Jeff lays it out fairly easily to read and comprehend. That the socialist agenda and the path of trickle up economics will set this country back years and limit business as well as growth. By punishing the achievers and rewarding those who don't want to achieve. A redistribution of wealth on the backs of the workers.

Although Jeff touches on the higher taxes and eludes to hurting business with this. He fails to explain that raising taxes on business sends them to other markets. Other markets that have lower taxes and a more friendly agenda to businesses.

Jeff also brings up the topic of the stranglehold that unions want to impose on the work environment. Something we see here in Colorado slipping in through Gov. Ritters back door while he holds it open. Let us not neglect that unions have served their purpose and to that I tip my hat. However in todays world with an agency like OSHA at hand, unions are obsolete. Today's market which once was an employee market is fastly turning to an employer market. Something that is not new as this happens approximately every twenty years. But to close shop and force people to join a union creates the same atmosphere that has killed the American Auto maker. Raising the price of good vehicles almost out of reach of the working man.

What seems to be ignored, for some reason, probably out of fear of censorship. Little blogs like this one here of mine stand no chance of survival. Even the big ones like Atlas Shrugs and Michelle Malkin are in trouble. The Fairness in Broadcasting Act is already back on Pelosi's desk waiting to go to the floor under a socialist majority vote. Make no mistake free speech will be squashed and censored. When someone like me who uses a blog to vent his opinion and frustration out there will be deemed pure hate speech if it has any scintilla of opposing view to the democrats and their agenda.

Talk Radio will be phased out to propaganda radio and the other side to issues ignored and left unheard. For years Rush Limbaugh , then Sean Hannity, Mikeal Savage, Medved, Gallagher, Laura Ingram have tried to voice the other side of issues. All the time being called racist and bigoted. Under a socialist congress these voices will be silenced.

While the little man is going to be oppressed by our own government and our hard earned money literally stolen from us. We will never see the loss of our sovereignty to the United Nations. A play that Barack Obama has publicly said he favors. An assault on the 1St and 2ND amendments. Remember Barack and socialist favor a DISARMED populace. The United Nations is calling for a world wide ban on hand guns and Barack supports it.

The United Nations is calling for a redistribution of wealth. Our CONGRESS has already passed an 845 Billion dollar bill in aid and support of this proposition. Far more money then the Untied Nations itself is willing to give.

So while Pelosi brags about having a socialist House, and Reid smirks at gaining a socialist majority in the Senate, remember Barack Obama is already planning the largest inaugural ball and party ever. His wife is already eating the lobster tails, Iranian caviar, and looking down her nose at the rest of us (but no she is not an elitist). Just remeber who vioted for this and WHO DID NOT.

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