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Monday, October 20, 2008 

Powell No real surprise

Is there really any one out there that is surprised that Powell has decided to endorse Obama? Lets be real here. Powell was not a very good Sec. of State. He fought with the administration and was reluctant in decisions. As chief of staff he was really more of a distraction and hindrance to Schwartzkauf During Desert Shield and Desert Storm back in 91.

A rule of thumb for military is this. When a person goes toward the administration instead of field duty. He generally is looking to advance his career over love of being in the military and looking out for those he serves with. In other words you have those who do, and those who want to be. I am not saying all military Generals are politicians however most are. They have their career in mind over the men they are in charge of.

Powell was against Schwartkauf and his plans of war in 91. Saying that they were not good. Well we know different don't we. Storming Normin took us on a butt kicking 94 hours in Kuwait and left nothing between us and Baghdad. Powell didn't like this.

Having Powell for an endorsement is amount to having a nobody endorse you in reality. It is no surprise and really carries no weight.

Despite the spin that is coming out from the MSM today. DO NOT BE FOOLED! Powell does not speak for the military. He is speaking and endorsing as a private citizen, not a General in the military. His views do NOT REFLECT the vast majority of those in uniform.

Also let me point out that he was replaced as Sec. of STATE. Are there any hard feelings to republicans for this? May very well be as Powell did contribute the legal maximum amount to the John McCain campaign. Powell also has a social agenda, this is reflected in who he would like to see appointed to SCOTUS. So lets add these facts into the mix and then decide if his opinion carries any weight ........ nope none what so ever.

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