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Thursday, October 16, 2008 

How much clearer can it be

With the last of the Presidential debates now over. How clearer can it be. Obama stands for higher taxes and redistribution of wealth. While McCain stands for a slight raise in taxes, transparency of what the money will be spent on and accountability of the budget.

The differences are as defined as the Berlin wall once was. The Democrats think that in a time of a s,ow economy we should all be "Patriotic" and dig further into our savings and give, give, give. That instead of trying to achieve and better ourselves it is our responsibility to look out for the guy down the block and better his life first. Nancy Pelosi is salivating and planning on another $300,000,000,000.00 of tax payer money going to those who paid little or no taxes to help stimulate the economy the democrats are forcing to slow down and more then likely stop.

As the leader of the most do nothing House in history, with the lowest approval rating in history. She is trying now to line up her socialist agenda and call Congress back into session. Time to work she thinks. That's all good and well, however it is a little too late for reality. A last minute play and push for her "culture of corruption" to continue on their power grab.

Make no mistake, there is a power play going on. The socialist and extreme left are going to screw the average American long and hard. Higher taxes, more spending, a larger welfare state. A socialist welfare state.

If one looks around the world one will see that SOCIALISM is being forced out because IT DOES NOT WORK. Italy and France have elected moderates. A move that is draconian compared to the left leaders they had. Canada is moving conservative. In these cases means more towards Capitalism. A system that means rewarding those who achieve not punishing them.

"Joe the Plumber" is the one who will decide this election. It is "Joe the Plumber" who is either going to be aided or hurt and put out of business with this election. Those who march in the street and get in your face for Obama are the have nots. They see an opportunity to get what the haves busted their back sides to EARN.

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