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Friday, October 17, 2008 


I am shocked and surprised at the breaking news. SCOTUS (the supreme court of the United States) has just handed the election and all future elections over to those who would perpetrate voter fraud and rigging of elections.

By siding with the Ohio State Secretary and saying that she does not have to come up with any way to verify over 200,000 thousand questionable registration cards. This is clearly a violation of law and of the confidence of the people. How can we expect a FAIR and LEGALLY DEMOCRATIC election if the means to cheat and commit fraud are allowed to exist?

This is not only a Constitutionally wrong decision but it is an oppressive decision that goes against over 230 years of federal, state and local elections. A base of the foundation to this country.

We are sinking fast as a nation and world leader and slipping into the realm of a third world nation of rigged and fraudulent elections run by socialist and those who oppose freedom!!!!!!!!!
There is no bigger insult or underhanded suppression of the vote then allowing false registration to offset legal registration and fraudulent voting to cancel a legal vote.

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