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Friday, October 17, 2008 

Cole needs to be FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!

This is absolutely wrong. Poor young Cole Pufinburger, 6 years old, is missing. Possibly ties from his grandfather of all people with Mexican slime drug peddlers. This is almost like a television soap.

Monday morning at approximately 0715, two Hispanic men identified themselves as police officers to gain entry to the home several miles northeast of downtown Las Vegas. They demanded money, then ransacked the home and tied up the couple. Cole, described as 3 feet 11 and 48 pounds, with blond hair, blue eyes and silver-framed glasses. Witnessed these events and then was ripped from his home and his life. Detectives think the grandfather conducted drug dealing with Mexican nationals and the boy's abduction from a Vegas house was a "message."

This is an outrage! If our boarders were a little more secure. Say like with a fence of personnel on it. Then maybe these pieces of deification from a horse would not be in this country. Or perhaps it would be alittle harder for them to slip in to this country and peddle their drugs.

A national amber alert is now in effect but this child has been abducted for over 96 hours now. He could be almost anywhere.

If any one has any doubt about my feelings to drug pushers, and these chickens who steal little boys. Let me make it clear. When these pieces of waste are apprehended, there should be no trial. There is no rights for them under the Constitution. First of all any one who uses a little child and steals them from their home has no rights in my book. Secondly should it be proven they are part of the Mexican Drug Cartels, they forfeit any rights.

If they think they can come here and send a "message", well a "message" needs to be sent back.
A good old fashion western hanging. Right down on the boarder. Let these parasites rot on the rope in plain view of the cartels with signs saying not here on them.

As for his grandfather. Should it be proven he was the cause of this and was peddling drugs as well. Then he needs to face the death penalty. Putting his grandchild at risk like this. This is outrageous!

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