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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 

Secrete ballot, Obama, and the Unions of Socialism

Why is there such a push across this nation to get unions into the work place? There once was a time when unions were needed and praised for their work on improving work conditions and pay. However today where is this looking out for the worker and their welfare? It is non existent.

Unions and Socialism walk today hand in hand. A union commands membership and dues from its members. For this the members are to receive representation, and bargain leverage in negotiations. however the "Card Check" issue allows the union to see how members and non members vote on union issues. In other words if you do not support the unions position the union will know who you are.

Is this right? Is this fair? Should an organization, be it a political party or a union, or even your neighbors be allowed to know how you vote. It is your right to keep your opinion quiet or to express it out loud with out the fear of retaliation by those who do not agree. It is freedom of speech. With this freedom does come the RESPONSIBILITY of what one says and thinks.

So should unions be allowed to stand over ones shoulder and look at your ballot and see what box you are checking? This is what Sen. Obama would like to see happen. He favors the "Card Check" policy and bill. he wants to know where you stand and how you think. This is socialism and oppression with intimidation of the worst kind. Look at the vote this year. It is intimidation nation wide with nothing less then voter fraud.

Where have we seen this happen? No need to look across the seas. Just look south. Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba. An oppression of the vote and intimidation of the voter to coerce an outcome that supports socialistic agendas and oppression of the people.

Unions in America may do a little representation for their members but in reality when was the last time that they were truly needed? It has been over 40 years since that. Now I am not saying eliminate unions, they are a counter balance to help oversee worker abuse. However we have created several government entities that look out for the safety, income, and overall welfare of the workers.

I defy any one to give me an example of a company that can stand up and continue to abuse and cheat workers when the IRS, EPA, and OSHA step in and look at a company. You can't because when these agencies move in someone is in trouble.

The peoples party is also described as the workers union. A socialist term for controlled thinking and actions of the masses. When one opens up, or correctly put, closes the work place to right to work workers. It mandates a way of thinking and acting. It robs paychecks in order to fiance thuggery and intimidation methods.

Be clear on this. The "Card Check" issue is another move to eliminate our rights and undermine our freedoms. Not to mention open up our wallets wider.

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