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Monday, October 27, 2008 

A Nightmare Vision

Its the eve of the first Tuesday in November of the year 2010. America has changed a lot in the last two years. As we head to vote the selection is limited as the Democratic party once was is now the American New Direction Progressive party (socialist for short). Seems to be running unopposed in all elections as the new laws passed prevent other parties from getting their platform out.

There is no more talk radio, or FOX news. The fairness in broadcasting act has censored all opposing views. Hate speech laws have forced an increase in incarceration of those who once fought for the Bill of Rights. Many ex military found themselves coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan only to be arrested and tried for manufactured war crimes. Those who were vocal are now at Pelican Bay or in Leavenworth.

Work riots are a common news topic, almost to the order of boring. Unemployment has reached a world record high that even third world nations have never known. Running at 47%, with inflation at an all time high of 38%. Not since pre WWII Germany has a country suffered like this.

The differences that if you live out west the Brown Shirts have been replaced with Brown Berets. California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, parts of Oklahoma and Texas are now part of the Coalition for Aztlan in North America. Texas faces an uphill battle as Taejon's and Texans alike have gown to ground and running a gorilla campaign. Only to be hunted by not only United States Military but United Nations Arab League troops.

The Ronald Regan Ranch is now the home of CAIR in Aztlan. Once a shinning beacon of light it sits dark and disparaging. A green flag with crossed Mameluke swords in front of a palm tree flies. They said the land was bought from the once State of California, yet the underground was able to leak pictures on to the Internet before it was shut down of Nancy Regan being dragged outside and stuffed into a military truck. They claimed she died of a heart attack yet no hospital ever admitted her.

The biggest surprise has been when Nancy Pelosi was arrested, tried and executed for high treason. She was replaced by Cynthia McKinney as speaker of the House. Washington is in lock down as United Nation peace keepers patrol the streets. A long blast of prayer bells sounds five times a day over Washington. Announcing the National Religion of America. Islam has sprung up over night.

Women no longer purchase makeup and Mabeline, Max Factor, Mary Kay, are all out of business. Factories sit empty as the taxes are just too high to conduct business anymore. In 2009 a flood of corporations moved overseas. The economies of the Far East are flourishing and China rules with an iron grip.

The Monroe Doctrine was ignored or forgotten about as Hugo Chavez, president for life. Had Venezuelan and Cuban troops over trow the governments of Columbia and Brazil. Argentina gave up with out a fight. Russian military bases now litter the Peruvian Alps. While being made permanent.

I wonder here on the eve of the 2010 election should I bother to vote or not?

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