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Thursday, October 30, 2008 

Stimulas 2, another money grab

This is amazing isn't it? The leftist Democrats are screaming that the national debt is to high. So what do they propose? Another large spending and increase in the national debt. Let's spend more money we do not have, and lets spend it on things that are not a priority.

We see how the government has bailed out Wall St. and the banks. Blank checks with no stipulations. Literally money for nothing. Now the government in its mismanagement cry foul. That the money is not being spent like it was meant to be spent. Well DUUUUUUUAAAAHHHH! You hand out money with no strings and people including businesses are going to pocket it, or use it to pay bills. This is what the banks and companies are doing. No one said to them that they have to loan it out.

So what do the Dimocorupts want to do now. They want to take another large chunk of money they do not have. Then get this, invest it in State and Local governments to increase jobs. LMAO!!!!!!!!

Talk about no strings and lack of supervision on this money. When was the last time a State or Local government was responsible in spending money. Needless to point out the facts that their contract negotiation, and job priorities are not just fundamentally corrupt but lack common sense.

As the tax payer is very well aware of pet projects are on the top of the spending and improvement list for these governments. Very few if any actually go to benefit the citizens.

So why is there a push now for more spending? It is simple. More feel good legislation lacking common sense. If it makes you feel good then it must be good, right? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many millions will they waste before their scam has run its coarse? How long will we the voter allow this to happen? Is it not time for responsible government and accountability to the constituents?

Well this is what you get when socialist run the show.

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