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Tuesday, November 04, 2008 



All the hands seem to be out, give me, give me, give me. It is not fair that others work to better themselves. I demand a cut of their success. This is what America has voted for.

Colorado seems to be right in the mix of it as well. Voting for INCOMPETENCE and INEXPERIENCE in leadership.

A return to higher inflation, higher taxes, higher unemployment. It is the FAILED Jimmy Carter Presidency all over again as democrats jump for joy.

This false belief that spread the wealth, a redistribution of wealth is going to ruin this country. this is what the third world has been trying for decades and failing at. Only in countries that reward honest hard work are improving their living standard and national ratings.

Joe Biden is correct there will be an international challenge to this country like never before. The question is from which direction will Obama back down from first. Will it be when North Korea attacks South Korea, will it be when Iran over runs Iraq and sets back their freedom and imposes sharia law? Or will the threat come from Russia and its allies in Latin America and South America who do not respect Obama and this nation, but see a weak leader who will kowtow to them because he loathes this country.

Remember all of you illegal war koolaid drinkers thought that Iran was illegal. What about Obama's plan to go into another sovereign country that has definitely not attacked us, Pakistan. Then he will send what few military forces we have there into Pakistan to go after Osama. What about that you hypocrites?

People voted for this man and his blind left followers. More attention should have been paid to what he said and not the feel good bad polices he has promoted as his platform. our energy bills will rise as he punishes falsely with the mythical Global Warming alarms the Energy industry, namely coal and natural gas.

Are you ready for higher gas prices? Well Do not believe Obama is going to pay for your gas. He can't. Admittedly by the voters we do not have the oil reserves. So how will he get you lower prices? He won't. The middle east is going to rake us over the coals literally on this and make us pay out the nose for it.

America has lost its way in the name of political correctness. In the lefts effort to create a solidified power stance and false picture of equality. The masses of this country have resorted to sitting on their backsides and expected others to take care of them. the lazy have made their voice heard and those who work are going to pay a heavy price for it.

The small business man cannot afford higher wages and a universal full coverage of health care. Yet this will be imposed upon them by the leftist in Washington D.C. Look for layoffs and with layoffs come higher unemployment. This means more government handouts at a time when the government does not have money. Also look to more outsourcing of larger businesses. there is no incentive to stay in America if we already pay high corporate taxes with even higher taxes on the way. It is cheaper and smarter to move somewhere else. This means again higher unemployment and more government handouts. More families finding no or much lower income having to pay higher prices everywhere. this leads to more applications for welfare, food stamps, subsides. Just where do these leftists think they will get money to pay for all of this? From you the tax payer. You believe the tax rates will stop at incomes of $120,00, that figure will change to combined household income increase those who will be forced to pay.


Colorado looks to the incompetent. With an already incompetent democratic controlled state Legislature and Governor. The support goes to Mark Udall. Mark Udall the only one more incompetent than this man would be if we brought back Pat Schroeder, or Gary Hart.

The biggest factor and events that prove we have achieved the third world status is the fact we have THUGS and RACIST intimidating voters at the polls. Black Panthers, an organization that makes the KKK seem pacifistic in their beliefs. Standing outside of polls armed with clubs. This is what happens in Bolivia, and in Venezuela. Rwanda and the Congo, not in America. Yet it happened today.

A look at the future. When a man calls for the reduction of the military and a disarmament of our national forces but calls for a well armed civilian security force just as well finaced, armed and trained as the military. This is a coup. A stage set for oppresion and civil conflict. A third world way of living.

Remember you voted for him. As Martha Stuart sais "SUCK IT UP!"

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