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Monday, November 03, 2008 

The Election and The Market, Prediction.

Well I for fun am going to make my market predictions for Wednesday morning. Will it open up or will it open down. this is a good question.

The market trends so much on politics and policies. Look at what will happen to GM and Chrysler now that the current administration is refusing to bail them out with tax payer monies like they did for wall street. It should only be fair, seeing how the bail out has helped several banks buy out other banks and profit from tax payers generosity. GM and Chrysler are looking at possibly bankruptcy. Why, well bad products and over pricing is what comes to mind first off. Then comes poor management. A lack of reinvestment into the company and way over payed salaries from the line worker up to the top floor. However I still have faith in this company and what they can provide for the future in the way of transportation. Oh and NO I DO NOT DRIVE A CHEVY. I am a ford man.

As for the markets. I am looking at the proposed policies coming from both camps.What do I see. Well I see the smart move would be if Obama is elected to take your money and run. Run far and fast. Do this before Obama can redistribute your monies and nail you with out of this world taxes. Capitol gains, increase in payroll taxes, and reintroducing the death tax. All of which are to steal your money from you. Yes I did say steal. That is what will happen with Obama policies. A theft by the government and a redistribution of YOUR wealth.

Under a McCain win I think a move of some of your money would be wise and a good hedge to the financial crisis that Pelosi and other Democrats will continue to try and artificially create. A move to safer investments like certificates of deposit in credit unions, ones that insurance covers and not a dime more.

A lower yet upbeat tempo to the market with the knowledge of returns coming back to the investor instead of being siphoned off to those who are considered needy. In other words redistribution.

SO my predictions are as follows:

An Obama win, the market opens low and falls lower in a pullout of funds in order to preserve ones investment monies before new taxes cause a loss of invested funds. the market goes down under Obama. A low of around 6000 to possibly 4500 with the new taxes to come. A slow to backward moving economy. Higher interest rates, higher inflation, and much much higher unemployment rates and bankruptcies.

A McCain win, the market opens down 100 to 150 points but moves up. As people look at it as an opportunity to reinvest and make money for their future. A possible high again of 10,000 by March.

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