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Sunday, November 02, 2008 

Rise to Power

Barack Obama's rise to power reads as an almost duplicate rise to power of Adolf Hitler, with the only exception. That Adolf Hitler served only eight months of his five-year term for treason.

Economic upheaval generally breeds political upheaval, and today's political cycle bears this out. As a relative unknown from out of no where delivers emotional and scripted speeches to captivated his audience. Through word of mouth, donations pour into the party's coffers, and subsequent mass meetings attract hundreds eager to hear the young, forceful and hypnotic leader.

Early in his political career he penned an autobiographical book (although filled with glorified inaccuracies, self-serving half-truths and outright revisionism) which also detailed his views on the believed inherent racism of the Constitution. There were several targets of the vicious diatribes in the book, such as Republicans, Capitalist, and anti Socialist. The book went on to the best seller list before it was vetted and found to be inaccurate and possibly ghost written.

This candidate supports socialism and a change in our way of life. Definitions of his policies are described as socialistic. As a form of government, National Socialism is totalitarian in character aiming at the total control of all politics, economy, social relationships and thought, by a small group which claims to understand how to cope with all aspects of human existence.

It is scary how the previous three paragraphs describe both Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama. Words their critics, supporters, and historians both use almost verbatim.

The following extracts are taken from the Nazi Party Organization Book (1940), and when examined and compared to Obama's speeches and policies read very close to the same ideas.

Duties of the Party Comrade The National Socialist commandments:

The Führer is always right!
Barack Obama is always right.

Never go against discipline!
Never question Obama and his policies.

Don't waste your time in idle chatter or in self-satisfying criticism, but take hold and do your work!
Do not waste your time siting idly by, get in the faces of the Republicans. Do not question our methods and goals but go and achieve them.

Be proud but not arrogant! Let the program be your dogma. It demands of you the greatest devotion to the movement.
Be proud and loud. Let Obama's policies be your dogma. Demand of yourself blind devotion to Obama's,and the lefts cause.

You are a representative of the party; control your bearing and your manner accordingly!
You are a democrat, a socialist with false faces; control your actions and focus on our goal, and only our goal.

Let loyalty and unselfishness be your highest precepts!
Do not think of the truth, one must not be selfish and be giving to the whole versus themselves. Never question the party or the goal.

Do notPractice true comradeship and you will be a true socialist!
Do not practice true bipartianship, be true to liberals only and you will be a socialist.

Treat your racial comrades as you wish to be treated by them!
Do not question me other wise be labeled a racist, full of hate speech and bigotry.

Spirit is not unruliness!
Spirit is not unruliness, it is social and civil unrest in the pursuit of equality for the left.

That which promotes the movement, Germany, and your people, is right!
That which promotes our just cause in equality, of our people, is right.

If you act according to these commandments, you are a true soldier of your Führer.
If you follow blindly and fail to listen to what I say, we can seize power and reshape the world in our image.

The state is born out of the necessity of ordering the community of the Volk (folk) in accordance with certain laws. Its characteristic attribute is power over every branch of the community. The state has the right to demand of every racial comrade [Volksgenosse] that he live according to the law. Whoever violates the laws of the state will be punished. The state has officials to execute its laws and regulations. The constitution of the state is the basis for its legislation. The state embodies power! In the state men of different opinions and different outlook can live beside each other. The state cannot demand that all men be of the same opinion. It can, however, demand that all men observe its laws.

Obama would change the makeup of the Supreme court. A makeup of ideology that legislates feeling instead of interpreting the Constitution and its true meaning. By changing SCOTUS, he would essentially change the Constitution and the law of the land. We already see a bias and one sided following of the law now. Personal privacy is only afforded to those who follow liberal ideas. Joe the plumber and others who question this will be investigated illegally. If this happens to them and those who claim to be for free speech (the ACLU) will not protect them now. What chance of free speech stands for opposing views in the future under an Obama government? Though the state cannot prevent free thinking, it can and will prevent free living and the act of free speech.

In contrast to the state, the party is the community of men of like opinion. It is born out of the struggle for an ideology. In order to survive this struggle, it gathered together all men who were prepared to fight for this ideology. The ideology is the basis of the order in accordance with which men live within the party. While in the state laws are considered as pressure, obstacles, and difficulties by many citizens, the laws of the party are no burden but rather signify the will of the community. In the state the characteristic is the must; in the party the I will.

In contrast to the state, we shall form a party which shall be considered the community of same opinion. The new laws and ideology of the state of community, considered a burden shall only be a burden to those who oppose the parties ideas and progressive thought.

Therefore it does not suffice for the party to be an elite, a minority which is bound together in unity. The party has rather the task of accomplishing the political education and the political unification of the people. It accordingly is charged also with the leadership of its associated organizations. In the course of this leadership the party fulfills its primary task: the ideological conquest of the American way, and the creation of the "Organization of the People." The state is a technical instrument to assist in the creation of this community of the people. It is the instrument for the realization of the ideology. The party is, therefore, the primary which constantly redefines life and the will of the people.

Hitler consolidated his authority through the destruction of all other political parties, "coordination" of all aspects of German life, and the liquidation of dissent among Nazis and conservatives. This tactic can be said to being used by the Obama campaign right now.
A consolidation of the democratic party, moveon.org liberals, and radicals left over from the sixties who hold dear the socialistic agenda. The liquidation is in the form of censorship and the false accusations and then labeling of critics.

The censorship is in the form of denial of published quotes and refusal of interviews to explain positions on these quotes. The labeling as in selfish, unpatriotic , and bigotry for not supporting Obama's vision and plans. If a publication questions or vents an opposing view they are denied access to the Obama campaign, an example is the news organizations removed from the Obama plane.

The Nazis stepped up their harassment of their political opponents, and the March 5 election was held in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. Polling 44 percent of the votes, the Nazis won 288 seats in the Reichstag. The same is happening with those who support candidates of the Republican party. Galaxa, where a campaign office was attacked with mace by two Obama supporters. Florida where automobiles are keyed and graffiti with KKK lettering. Election signs stolen by Obama supporters who disagree with free thinking of their neighbors. A clear pattern of intimidation for those who are on the political right.

A literal in your face campaign of attacks. The publishing of home address of Republican supporters in Seattle. Putting families in the bulls eye of extremist unhinged radicals from the left. A practice that would be condemned if done to a liberal.

The scariest and what should be plastered all over the news is the comments and idea of a National Civilian Security force. A force in which Obama proposes to be "just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded." (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt2yGzHfy7s). This smacks of Hitlers brown shirts who later turned into the Gestapo.

Though the Constitution allows for a civilian security force. It is called a Militia. Easily found in the Second Amendment. However is not the government sponsor of a public Militia contrary to what the Founding Fathers conceived as a Militia?

Hamilton wrote in the Federalist papers: http://thomas.loc.gov/home/histdox/fed_29.html

It would be as absurd to doubt, that a right to pass all laws NECESSARY AND PROPER to execute its declared powers, would include that of requiring the assistance of the citizens to the officers who may be intrusted with the execution of those laws, as it would be to believe, that a right to enact laws necessary and proper for the imposition and collection of taxes would involve that of varying the rules of descent and of the alienation of landed property, or of abolishing the trial by jury in cases relating to it. It being therefore evident that the supposition of a want of power to require the aid of the POSSE COMITATUS is entirely destitute of color, it will follow, that the conclusion which has been drawn from it, in its application to the authority of the federal government over the militia, is as uncandid as it is illogical. What reason could there be to infer, that force was intended to be the sole instrument of authority, merely because there is a power to make use of it when necessary? What shall we think of the motives which could induce men of sense to reason in this manner? How shall we prevent a conflict between charity and judgment?

A conclusion of thought. The difference between what Obama considers charity and what is a redistribution of wealth, and judgment or ideological opposition.

The similarities of Hitlers rise to power and of Obama's are spine chilling. Not to mention that for the most part the same tactics have been used by Stalin, Lenin, PolPot, Mao Tse Tung, and Hugo Chavez.

Something more to think about when it comes to blindly believing in the Democratic Messiah.

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