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Tuesday, November 25, 2008 

Mo Money, Mo Money , Mo Money

Here we go again. Another 100 billion dollars to help stimulate the economy, however who are they going to help. This new plan does nothing for those who are needing or who it is said needs the help.

By putting the conditions and restrictions on the new money for loans. The money and credit will only be available to those who do not need it. In other words only if you have a good credit score and money in the bank are you eligible for the money.

Common sense and watching what is happening, it is those who have good credit and money who are not spending. SO why make loans and credit available to those who already can get it? It makes no sense what so ever. Yet the liberals and those who voted for the liberals seem to think this is a good idea. It goes to show how ignorant they are.

The rich have the money an the credit scores. So the call for the rich to pay their share (something of which they already do to excess) Is counter to what they ran on to get elected and what they (liberals) initially voted for.

We are now close to 8 Trillion dollars in pledges and promises in bailout funds and loans from our liberal officials. The most of any nation in history. Is this the change promised us. A return to high inflation, high debt , and little to know incentive to improve ones self. There is no hope for the future generations. This new debt being developed and enacted brings only misery and despair.

We have sen how throwing money at a broken system, the educational system does not fix anything but only breeds contempt. So why are our elected liberal progressive thinkers not thinking. They are not doing anything new or different to solve this problem. All they are doing is throwing money at it in hopes it will go away.

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