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Wednesday, November 12, 2008 

Let's change the plan

Down another 411 points today goes the DOW market. Why. Because Sec. Paulson has changed the plan and the rules on the scam bailout plan.

The original thinking was for the government to buy the bad mortgage loans on the Fannie, Freddie side of things and renegotiate the deals. However after examining the poor way that these loans were written and handing out the money to other poorly managed industries. The government is changing the plan.

I am sorry, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLL< gasp HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I just have to laugh. This is so disgusting that I have no idea what to do other then laugh about it.

The consumer is loosing all faith and confidence in not only the market but in the government as well. Why should they invest when the companies are being bailed out for not producing and being poorly run. Then the TAX PAYER is being expected to pick up the bill while being held accountable for their own fiances.

This is so outlandish! Just who is running this show? The problem is there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY going on now. Washington D.C. is a beggars line with corporate executives standing around with their hands out .

The bailout money was handed out and the banks took advantage. Instead of using the money as intended on the handout for loans and credit purposes. The banks took the money and bought out other banks, made mergers and pocketed the funds. Thumbing their noses at the government and the taxpayer. Now we have more poorly run organizations getting special treatment. American Express is the prime example. A company that fewer and fewer places accept as a credit card in any form, now being treated special by Congress.

The automakers are running to Washington with their hands out expecting and looking like we will give them over $75 billion dollars. An astronomical amount of money that will not bail them out but only allow them to keep running to the end of the year. Why, because the unions will receive the vast majority of this money. Is it the tax payers fault and responsibility to subsidise the unions? HELL NO!!!!!

The auto makers made their beds long ago when they allowed the Unions to take over and dictate business to the companies. It is not our (the tax payer) responsibility to pay the Union , their medical, and retirement benefits.

It is no wonder that the market is going down and in trouble. Why should the tax payer invest his or her money when they are not sure how much money they will have because this never ending bailout which was supposed to be only $700,000,000,000.00 is being extended to three and possibly four times the original amount. People are hording their money. It is simple to see. Christmas will be a little gloomy this year.

Yes Mary there is a Santa Clause but he has been mugged by the liberals in Washington D.C.

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