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Friday, November 21, 2008 

FOX doesn't listen

America doesn't listen to well and it seems that neither does FOX news. This morning FOX and FRIENDS leads with how congress stepped up to the plate and didn't hand out bailout money.

Hey FOX roll back the tape and pay attention will you. Congress did no such thing. First Nancy Pelosi took bankruptcy off the table. Wrong move number one. Fox fails to again restate the unions roll in the big three problems, wrong move number two.

Then it was time to go after a perk. The perk of the CEO's and private planes. Playing the woe is me card saying that they don't have private airplanes to fly in. Hey you all are not CEO's either now are you. Wrong move number three.

Now the kicker. This is the part where they can play back any of the elected officials who spoke yesterday and listen to what they said. Each and every one of them said that "we did not have the votes to move forward on this at this time."

Congress is going to give the big three their payoff money for throwing support to the democrats during the elections. That is the bottom line here. Make no mistake about this , money is headed to Detroit, and into the pockets of the unions.

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