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Wednesday, November 12, 2008 

Vicente Fox,correct yet wrong

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox, is correct in his assertion yet draws the wrong conclusion. Fox eludes correctly that the United States needs to look closely at the immigration issue and the problem on the boarder. Yet he concludes that we need to resurrect amnesty and a pro open boarder agenda. This is the wrong conclusion.

His conclusion with out a doubt shows his personal bias and lack of understanding the Untied States side of the issue. He thinks that President Elect Obama needs to be more sympathetic to the needs of the Mexican people and the Mexican government. This clearly is not an open mind to this issue.

Even the United Nations has a lack of bias in this issue. They also turn a blind eye and ignore how Mexico itself handles the problem of illegals entering their country yet want the U.S. boarder with Mexico declared a free zone and not patrolled, or as a National boarder enforced.

Mexico has one of the more harsher boarder enforcements in the world. A military that actually shoots those who would ILLEGALLY cross into their country yet expect us to greet people with open arms and wallets.

Facts are that besides the United States struggling financially with an over whelmed welfare system and handouts that favor those who are here illegally, Mexico is facing a crisis of its own. A crisis it has for 200 plus years never bothered to try and solve. That is to take care of its own citizenry.

Mexico has a corrupt and LAZY government that is only interested in lining the pockets of elected officials with more and more bribe money. A country that is rich in natural resources but refuses to develop them. A country that could be productive and move into a first world status in a matter of a few short years with some proper management.

Instead they look to the simple and corrupt answer. That is to say export its people to the north and expect someone else to take care of them.

Vicente Fox is running his mouth off, crying about the immigration problem and how the Mexican government cannot take care of its own people instead of looking inward at how to correct this problem and move forward. Like so many of the Mexican elected officials who have for years failed to solve their own problems want the United States to solve the problems.

The assertion of an immigration problem is correct yet the conclusion is wrong. Mexico cannot look to the United States to solve its problems. It needs to look at itself to do this.

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