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Thursday, November 20, 2008 

America are you listening?

As the market dropped another 444.99 points today, almost 900 points in two days. America are you listening to what your Democrat leaders are saying?

In a "oh poor me" vain of condescending tune from Sen. Reid, Speaker of the House Pelosi, and other (for lack of anything better to call them) morons in our Legislature. Thank goodness the big three auto maker bailout was not passed.

America did you listen to what they said? Did you really hear what they were saying besides the platitudes and same ol yadda, yadda , blah , blah, blah. Each and every one of them confirmed that there will be money given to the big three in a bailout form. It just will not happen until after the new Legislature takes office. The key words spoken by all were as follows:

"At this time we do not have the vote to move forward on this plan."

You hear that America. Not enough votes at the moment. What does this tell you? It tells you that they will and are going to give a free ride to the union wrecked auto manufactures. Whether we like it, or whether it makes good fiscal sense, they are going to give them the money.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelooosa, has taken the only realistic and viable plan of the table. No bankruptcy option. This should tell you that the unions are going to get their political rewards for supporting the democratic party. More money to those who are sitting in the rubber room collecting any where from 80% to 1005 of their wages for doing NOTHING. Now our tax money is going to pay this.

So let us all panic and make a run on the market. A false, artificial recession and down turn in the market.


I still like the idea of investing in the automakers, because of what they are going to have to eventually do. That is make more gas efficient vehicles. Although I won't invest a penny as long as the UNIONS are running the show.

Saying this there are still good investments out there. Instead of panicking how about doing a little research and once again being a little more responsible with your own money.

I say we the people ( like that? ever hear it before? hint, hint, a certain document in Washington written by the founding fathers), take a little more responsibility and use our power and take charge. Pull your money out of companies that are being poorly ruin and invest smartly.

We have to wake up and LISTEN to those on power and what they are saying. What they are saying and doing is ruining our economy. They haven't the sense to pound sand in a rat hole.

When these officials get up in front of the cameras and spout their diatribe we have to listen to their words. This "we do not have the votes" is just one example of what is going on.

Obviously we did not listen on November 4Th. Just look at who was elected. But it isn't all doom and gloom. Listen and watch then use our power of "WE THE PEOPLE" and take back not only our economy but our way of life.

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