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Tuesday, November 11, 2008 

RNC chairman

The change is now under way. The conservative movement is beginning to look at who is a Conservative and who is a RINO. With the two leading candidates for the RNC being Michael Steele from Maryland and Newt Gingrich. Both of which are not about to give in to the left. It does look however that Michael Steele will be the one running with Newts support. This I feel is a good choice and the right direction. Not that Newt wouldn't be awesome but that he brings to much baggage. This would hinder the RNC from getting any sort of real coverage from the MSM on any issue presented. The press would instead go after Newts past.

As we have seen with out any hesitation this year the press refused to look at the issues from the Republicans but at stories and innuendos. This would be their focus under Newt. Now Micheal Steele will not get a free ride either. The press is already chomping at the bit to go after him on any and every thing that is personal and conspiratorial. however Michael does not carry the baggage of the Republican revolution of the nineties. Not that there is any thing bad there but the press seems to think that there is.

Micheal is a step in the right direction and with him at the helm, newt backing him up. A Palin / Jindal ticket possible in 2012 we have the making of a truer conservative party. Not one full of those who would try and take us further down the liberal road.

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