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Wednesday, December 03, 2008 

Obama Mania RUN-A-MUCK

Enough already! For crying out loud we are inundated with enough crap from the Obama mania as it is. With his pomposity of president elect office and administration audacity. Does any one really need to have their ego stroked this much?

I am tired already. It was two years of listening to his lies and his campaign lie about this man. That we were never aloud to vet him as a candidate and treated as lepers if we wanted to question his qualifications, associations, and even his birth details. Something that SCOTUS is going to cave on at the end of this week.

Signed and sworn affidavits saying he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. The legal hiding of his COLB by Hawaiian elected party officials. Enough already.

The stock market can not begin to get a grip on itself because of the daily 180 he does on policies and his socialist agenda. The rehashing of FAILED political appointees and the appointment of anti American subversives and socialists to his new cabinet. I am definitely not a Hillary Clinton fan but when she is the best person he puts forth in his new administration you have to question it.

Bringing back failed Carter policies and cabinet members is insane.

Anyway to what I am bugged about. My e-mail box is full of adverts for memorabilia for a man who has done absolutely nothing. Limited edition coins, plates, and now lapel pins.

Look if i wanted this crap I would get it for plinking targets not to sit on a shelf and collect dust. I sure as hell am not going to put any of it next to a real American like John Wayne or Ronald Reagan.

Now if i had a virgin vestal monument for socialist I would put his picture up right next to Stalin, or a bust of Mai Tse Tung with the Obama version of the little red book in front of it.

To all those liberals who are for bailouts and have the money to buy this stuff. BUY IT, but do not in any way, shape, or form expect me to purchase it. I am saving my money to pay for this fiasco that Obama and his economic idiots are working on. Under their plan we are over 8 trillion dollars further in debt. Mo money, mo money, mo money.

At the bottom of all the tax forms is a little box that asks if you want to donate to the government. If liberals think it is so patriotic to pay taxes why don't they just donate all their extra money to the government instead of reaching into my pocket for it.

Keep your trivial limited edition junk. I DO NOT WANT IT!

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