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Friday, December 26, 2008 

Liberals, Economy and your Wallet

Lets speak frank here and not Barney Frank. The liberals that have been "elected" into office are going to save the economy at the taxpayers expense. Hold on to your wallets tightly as they have crow bars to open up our wallets. Even old Ebeneezer Scrooge will not be able to stop this theft.

Did I say theft? yes I did as this is what it boils down to. Pure and simple theft. the stealing of your hard earned money in order to pay for not only false bailout crisis's, but more unwanted and not needed welfare programs.

Let us not forget how just this last year the World Poverty Act that the united Nations wanted the United States to fund got its funding. Guess who lead the way in the vote? Yeppers President Elect Obama. With a now not mentioned $845,000,000,000.00 (845 billion) bill coming due for this fiasco. The liberals are planning even more taxes for you and I to pay.

Lets face facts. We have elected radicals from the Green movement and socialist philosophies. With the upcoming pay off to the labor unions in Detroit, we will have to be reeducated on the "big bad oil companies". A group of businesses that made less then the government on a certain product. Do not forget that the Government made four times as much money on the record profits of the the "big bad oil" companies. So actually if the oil industry is bad what does that make the government ....... thieves? Maybe not but certainly liars that is for sure.

We have in office a group that promised hope and change. The truth is there is no change coming. Just look at the retreads that are being appointed to office or awaiting the stamp of approval from their leftist Friends in congress.

Did you wonder why the press was kept away from Joe Biden during the last part of the election and now? It is because he couldn't keep his mouth shut on their agenda of oppression and dictatorship. Some energy plan. Biden let it slip that this new administration will not support the coal industry in moving forward in cleaner production. it is evident in the appointment of Secretary Chu to office of energy. there will not be any building of nuclear facilities to help ease us off of foreign oils. Chu is an advocate against this. he has lead the charge against spent fuel rods being stored any where as environmentally dangerous.

Chu may be extremely talented and knowledgeable in the field of physics but he brings a dangerously backward form of green thinking to his position. He is a strong advocate in the mythical theory of man made global warming. Something that more and more real scientists in the field of climatology are disputing, despite retribution from those who pray at the alter of Al Gore.

Chu is not the only one that brings their propaganda of evil human kind to office. there are many others. Carole Browner, former Clinton EPA and green radical advocate, also scandal plagued with poor ethics. Remember how she destroyed valuable computer files? Well she did to cover her tracks on her abuse in office.

Then let us not forget how the liberal Senate leadership and liberal Legislature leadership are trying to bring back the bans on oil drilling. Now that the price is coming down it is their philosophy that the price must go up to stimulate the economy and protect earth from man.

This abuse of bailout ideas is not only going to bankrupt this country but break the backs of all Americans for generations. A tax and spend policy or as Washington says tax and give a way policies are wrong.

I can not say it enough. The reason the economy is slowing down is because people are afraid of loosing what they have earned. They will not spend extra money with the threat of new and higher taxes.

Mark my words, if Washington and liberals every where keep up their assault on the American wallet. There will be a new revolution. If the laws are not enforced there will be vigilantism.

I am not advocating any of this, just calling it as I see it. When you have a minority of people that try to force their standards on the majority. Guess who always wins. The majority, and the majority in this case is not liberalism.

Yes many people were conned into voting for a liberal candidate but when it comes right down to it, " Money talks and suckers walk ".

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