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Sunday, December 28, 2008 

Obama faces first test

President elect Obama will face his first test as President. The test will be will he or won't he stand by our only real ally in the world. that is Israel.

It is far past time that Israel put the hurt on the Palestinian terrorist that set up camp in innocent neighborhoods and attack noncombatants. For a s long as I can remember , the Palestinians have attacked then ran and pretended with the aid of the MSM and anti Israel sentiment world wide blamed the Israelis for the atrocities that are committed by the Palestinians.

Now with this mornings hard hitting retaliation by Israel on Hamas and other TERRORIST groups hiding in civilian areas of Gaza, the Terrorist are calling for the world to come to their aid. this leads Obama to his first real test.

Seeing how he was hailed as a savior and one who would bring the world together can he? He will be tested in an effort to stop the terrorist in attacking Israel and protecting our ally. However Obama has expressed serious support for his Islamic brethren. A fact that the MSM worked very hard to cover up during the campaign.

Will Obama protect or abandon the Israelis. With his attention focused on sending American troops into Afghanistan and pulling out of Iraq, will any of his left over advisers and recommissioned Clintonians and Carter rejects advise him to go to the United Nations and tell the truth about the TERRORISTS and their illegal and cowardly continuous attacks on the populace of Israel.

As the press and liberals in Congress now are lowering expectations of the one they held so highly and praised during the campaign. Are they going to give Obama another pass. A pass that will be over the dead, murdered bodies of the innocent Israelis. Or will he be held to the standard all Presidents are held to. One that shows support both militarily and politically for our Allies?

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