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Monday, January 05, 2009 

Economy: Obama's answer, BIGGER GOVERNMENT

In an effort to help the economy and to reduce government spending. Then President Bill Clinton chopped the military in one of the biggest reductions of military strength in history. he was hailed as a great man who had a plan, after all he cut the government in size. Only problem was he only reduced a vital part of it.

Now in an effort to try and stimulate the economy President Elect Obama has rolled out a huge, enormous plan of spending and proposal to add those who are on the pay roll for the government. Although he never actually says the numbers. Those who have a sixth grade education before the revamp of social engineering can figure out that he would like to add 600,000 people to government payrolls. This is not state but the federal payroll.

It is bad enough we have thousands already sitting on their back sides collecting a paycheck for doing nothing. A fact you can back up any time you call a government agency and are placed on hold or walk in to and try to get some assistance. They are all on break at the same time. Ever noticed this?

Obama would like to create 3 million jobs in his version of the new deal. A system of government programs that prolonged the great depression. Something that the MSM media really needs to study before they try any more lame attempts to compare today's economy to. Or a crash coarse in the state of the economy that failed President Jimmy Carter left for President Ronald Regan.

In his plan the over whelming of these new jobs are nothing more then make work. Programs that are already in effect but poorly managed by Democrat and RINO governors around this nation. Road projects and contracts to companies that are awaiting the OK to go ahead and start work on. Conservation projects and environmental programs of erosion control protection by shovel.

We already have a serious problem with a lack of work ethic in this country. To many social engineers (teachers), have convinced the youth of this nation that they are entitled to things and do not have to work for it. So how does Obama plan to put a shovel in their hands and get them to work. After all the liberal mindset says you do not need to do physical labor. Are you beginning to see the problem here?

Obama wants to see people working. I am to, but the fact remains that you ca only create so much make work before you run out of money. Something we already have done. There is no money to pay these new employees. As a matter of fact that is why there are road projects on hold now. The states do not have the funds in their budgets to pay for it yet. Contracts are already signed and ready to be implemented. They need the money to pay for it first.

Instead of proposing a real economic plan that would benefit this country, we get the same old plans of stimulus. Ones that are all show and no go. If Obama wants to really get the economy going . Then he will reduce corporate taxes and encourage companies to keep jobs here and not export them.He will reduce the welfare rolls and cut back the wasteful spending on useless social programs.

He will encourage the private sector to move forward and create jobs and a market for the products. Instead the same old tired, played out proposals of government will take care of you are being hailed as good for us. History has already proved these plans to be ineffective and wrong, but as they rewrite history for the liberals. These plans unfortunately are going to be put into place at the American tax payers expense and the American workers sweat and tears. Sweat from walking to find a job and the tears from knowing that contracts will still go to those who have poor hiring practices that violate immigration laws.

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