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Friday, January 09, 2009 

Only Government?

Were you listening to President elect Obama's speech? If you weren't there is only one key phrase you should know. "Only Government Can", that's the key phrase here.

If there were any doubts before , they can be laid to rest now. It is official, in 11 days we will have a socialist ion the White House, with leftist cohorts in lead positions of the House and Senate. Only government can what? It was government under Carter that proposed plans that lead to the housing problem. It was Clinton who increased this mess, and aid from Bush that let the home mortgage racket get out of control.

By not clamping down on Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd, two absolute incompetent and complete buffoons set lower standards for home loans. Now Obambi wants to spend money we do not have. Again how many times does it have to be said. You can not spend what you do not have.

This new deal is a sham and a ponzi scheme of its own. It must not be allowed to pass. DO the American people have to rise up and repeat the revolution against a tyrannical government out of control. Any recall NO TAXATION WITH OUT REPRESENTATION. Does this ring a bell with any one out there.

Lets take a look at what this leadership of hope and change is planning for us American taxpayers.

A health care package that allows families making 70,000.00 a year and children up to the age of thirty not living at home to be covered by free health care. This is a step to universal coverage and a socialised medical package that the majority do not want. If a family making that much can not afford insurance then they need to get off their lazy backsides and do a simple google search. COBRA anyone?

A revamped and worded amnesty bill for those who BREAK THE LAW and live here ILLEGALLY. No stopping of their free medical, home loan aid, and blind eye on their ignoring the law.

A new foreign policy that will open up dialog with enemies of this nation and alienating those who are allies. Direct talks and promises of aid to Hamas, Hugo Chavez, North Korea (the most repressive regime in the world). While telling our staunchest ally you are on your own (Israel).

The absolute in your face lie of "this administration will be transparent", has been proven time and time again. This administration elect will not allow any hard questions to be asked. They are hiding at every turn when it comes to details on their proposals , telling people not to worry be happy.

Lets face it people the civil war has started in this country and the left has thrown down the gauntlet. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is rewriting the rules in the House. In order to silence any opposition to the ramming through of POOR legislation. Harry Reid has violated the Constitution time and again. Elections are being stolen and the media is aiding in it. Anyone who thinks Frankins election in Minnesota was not stolen from Coleman has their head in a hole.

Look at who has put into place policies that have been detrimental to this nation and are now denying it(BARNEY FRANK, CHRISTOPHER DODD).

See how they have pigeon holed the Vice President elect Biden. The press can't get near him. Not that he would have anything intelligent to say other then to expose the lefts plans.

Incompetence is being rushed into positions of responsibility in the new cabinet. Com'on people wake the hell up. This administration is going to hurt this country bad. Crate a mess that our grandchildren grandchildren will still be paying for and trying to fix. We have to put a stop to this NOW.

Call , write, e-mail your Representatives and Senators . Tell them we can not spend what we do not have. That we have to put AMERICA FIRST, NOT LAST. That the nationalisation of the private sector is NOT THE WAY TO GO. It is a 180 from what this country is based upon.

For the private sector to work companies have to fail from time to time in order to move forward. Look at who has their hands out. Companies and industries that have been managed by those being appointed to office now. They could not manage these companies, and ran them into the ground. So we are to believe that they can fix this mess that THEY created?

The home builders association wants money. They have flooded the market with cheap over inflated homes. Now they want money to cover their losses. The auto industry has been hampered by government , stupid in allowing dictatorship from the unions in pay, and produced products that break down. Now they want the tax payer to pay their budgets. Banks want money and they got it. So why are they not loaning it out? Lets not throw are hands up in praise on the banks for them hording money from those who can not afford to take out a loan. The banks are still offering scams of credit card debt. I receive at least 15 emails to this effect a day . All wanting me to apply for a credit card (FAT CHANCE, I DO CASH TRANSACTIONS).

There is no over site, no accountability, no supervision what so ever. The proposals being secretly shoved forward in the Legislature are more oppressive in reality then any imagined offense of the war on terror.

If we do not get our voices heard, this country will do one of two things. Worse case scenario cease to exists. The other become as oppressive as the regime in North Korea.

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