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Monday, January 05, 2009 

Advice for Roland Burris

Sen. Burris, (that's right Senator as that is what he now is under the law of the State of Illinois), Sir what you should do if your fellow democrats in the Senate reuse to accept the law. Something that as we find on a daily basis they do not accept, and that is the rule of law and how to abide by it. You Sir should stake out a permanent seat in the gallery. Have your staffers bring in T-1 connections for your laptop, a phone line for you to take calls on, and set up shop there. looking down upon those who would ignore the law and reason.

If Sen. Durbin , a fellow Illinois Senator and the senior Senator also refuses to accept your appointment. Make a press conference each and every day out side his office. Make it clear that despite the indictment of Gov. Blagoviech, he has followed the law on this appointment and you are the result of it.

Personally it is not just an insult to you and the people of the State of Illinois but to all Americans that these few bullies in the House and Senate, flaunt their abuse and ignorance or maybe lack of respect for the law and the Constitution. I would make a huge stink out of it.

Lets face the facts. The Democratic party has shown flagrant disregard for the law. Look at the theft of the Senatorial seat in Minnesota. A biased recount and falsified votes for Al Franking to take that seat. they are willing to accept this thief onto the Senate floor. You have a lawful claim to be there where he does not. Expose the law breakers and oppressive intentions of those racist in the Senate posing as Senator Leaders.

Good luck to you in your endeavor to rightfully and legally accept the vacant seat of Senator from Illinois.

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