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Tuesday, January 06, 2009 

An American Sucker Born every Minute

If you have half a mind and it has not seized up on you do to the over assault of stupidity out of Washington D.C. so far this week. Look at the new money grab being offered to America. This time it comes from Hyundai.

Now I am not knocking their product, automobiles. Or their company at all. What I am saying is something I have said time and time again. Buyer Beware!

Hyundai is offering to those who have lost their job the ability to return your new vehicle with no penalty. Sounds terrific doesn't it? But there has to be a catch somewhere. Now, granted I do not know the full extent of this policy and all its details, but here is why I find it fishy.

1) You had a trade in when you bought the new car. Where is the car you traded in?

2) You now have no transportation to and from work, or to go and look for work now.

3) Just exactly how will this appear on my credit history. A returned vehicle?

4) What happened to the large down payment made? Is there any return of all or partial amounts?

5) What happens if I am rehired or find a new job, can I purchase my Hyundai back at a cut rate?

These questions are just off the top of my head and I haven't even looked at their policy yet on returning the car. It all sounds good. It is a nice offer up front, or is it. Just where is the catch my friends. There always is a catch. Anything that sounds to good to be true , usually is to good to be true.

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