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Thursday, February 26, 2009 

Budget and Stock Market

Well the out of hand spending budget is out. The spin doctors are in full spin mode. Neil Cavuto took on and hammered the man who wrote this budget for Obamanation. Neil exposed the fantasy accounting that is being used by the Obamanation voodoo economist and leftist. It was scary to see the holes being shot into the voodoo economics. A blind man shooting at a barn and hitting the target on the wall.

Now as more and more people are looking into this fiscal irresponsible fiasco. It becomes more apparent the agenda of socialism being pursued. The next question for us, the little people who are going to have to pay for this, is what will our investments do now.

I think that there will be at least a 150 point drop in the markets tomorrow, Friday the 26TH of February 2009. It may be an even larger drop in the market. As people tear apart this tax and spend , Obama earmark budget. Things do not look to good.

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