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Thursday, February 26, 2009 

Rights, Entitlments, Mythconceptions: The Obamanation Budget

Where to start, where to begin? Well lets start on page 43 of the budget. No need to go any further then paragraph 5 and 6.

This Budget also reflects the belief that Americans deserve a government that is open, honest,
and accountable. New transparency and program integrity initiatives will be started that will open the doors of the Government to the public and help make sure that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and carefully. Moreover, the Budget itself does not use budget gimmicks or accounting sleights-of-hand to hide our plans or the status of our economy. It is forthright in the challenges we face and the sacrifices we must make. It is honest in evaluating what programs work and which do not; shifting resources from the latter to the former.

Overcoming the problems we have inherited will not be completed in one budget, in one
month, or in one year. It will take months and years of ingenuity and innovation, courage and
commitment. It will take all Americans, including those in Washington and beyond living up
to the responsibilities we have to each other as neighbors and citizens. But if we come together
and pull together, there is little doubt that America will be growing, innovating, and creating jobs
for generations to come.

Well there you have it in writing. Its transparent , honest and full of integrity. It contradicts all sound principles of good economics, faith in Americans, and rewarding of those who see fit to strive to accomplish and improve their lives.

President Obama says one thing and does another. Here it is liberals in writing, see for yourselves. The spin doctors can say what they want to but it is in writing. President Obamanation has told us that he does not favor earmarks. This budget and the bills being shoved through congress now are full of them and he is signing away.

President Obamanation has told us there will be no lobbyist in his administration. He signed waver after waiver and now has at least 7 in his administration. Another lie!

He claims in paragraph 3 on page 43 that this budget will get our nation back onto its feet and restore competitiveness. Yet in this budget he punishes those who will compete FAIRLY.

The summary tables start on page 113. DO the math yourself. It is fuzzy at best and shows an optimism that creative mathematics only rewards in theoretical equations. It does not work!


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