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Friday, February 27, 2009 

Gerolado Rivera

I wonder just how long can this man , Geraldo Rivera maintain the illusion of being a journalist. Or actually how long can FOX continue to give this mouth creditability?

Here is a man who did a staged talk show , all for ratings. Then "opened Capone's vault". Anyone else remember that hype and bogus story?

Geraldo is one a a select few reporters that got kicked out of Iraq for his actions AGAINST the U.S. Military. he was live and tried to give away American armed forces positions during a broadcast. All the while acting like he understood what the military was doing and he was a General.

I often think that the only reason FOX news keeps him is to say that they have a Hispanic journalist. Then I remember that they have a real Hispanic journalist in Orlando Salinas. A very good reporter at that. One that reports and not slants op/ed for a story.

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