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Wednesday, February 04, 2009 

Sec. of Energy or Climate Control?

Not very long ago we had the appointment of Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. Chu the recipient of a Nobel prise for his work on trapping atoms with a laser light is promoting the GLOBAL WARMING MYTH.

Instead of knuckling down to his job of Sec. of Energy, and trying to help get this country to be energy in dependant. I guess this is an easy thing to do seeing how he is not spending any time doing this. Chu is out lecturing and promoting scare tactics of the global warming crowd.

Chu is not, I repeat IS NOT A CLIMATE SCIENTIST. Yet he is being treated and greeted as if he is a leading authority on the topic. It would seem that he has plenty of time to give speeches that scare people on this myth. instead of trying to examine the viability of Nuclear, Wind, Solar, or even Coal and natural gas alternatives. Sec. Chu is out and about talking about how California is soon to be desolate and void of produce and the ability to grow produce.

Siting two recent studies by left wing environmentalist, one, published in January in the journal Science, raised the specter of worldwide crop shortages as temperatures rise. The other, penned by UC Berkeley researchers last year, estimated California has about $2.5 trillion in real estate assets -- including agriculture -- endangered by warming.Both of these studies do not take into account a lack of impact by poor farming management.

Chu states, 'We're looking at a scenario where there's no more agriculture in California.'

In Washington, the top political man who deals and leads the Environmental and Public works Committee had this to say.

"I am hopeful Secretary Chu will take note of the real-world data, new studies and the growing chorus of international scientists that question his climate claims," Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), "Computer model predictions of the year 2100 are simply not evidence of a looming climate catastrophe."

As mounting evidence increases to the climate fraud and exaggerations being told and sold by the environmentalist. Chu is clearly pushing an agenda that he has little knowledge of and that is not his job. It would appear that we have yet another member in this new cabinet who is not doing his job.

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