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Thursday, February 05, 2009 

Obama Spins Dramatically

Breaking on the boob tube right now President Obama is pleading to get his porkapoluza passed immediately. Throwing the blame on President Bush and his administration for the in actions of his party members who were in office like he was in the federal Legislature.

Now why is 800 billion such a key number. Why does this bill have to have so much money to stimulate the economy? Because Obama wants it to be. If one sits down and actually looks at this pork laden bill you will see that half the monies ear marked for pork programs of social welfare are not to be released for at least one year from now.

So if we are in such dire straights why will it take a year to release this money?

Obama claims that a stimulus bill is supposed to be a spending bill. To stimulate one has to spend money. OK that makes sense. However YOU CAN NOT SPEND WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE MR. PRESIDENT. HOW IS IT THAT YOU FAIL; TO SEE THIS OR UNDERSTAND THAT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE IT YOU CANNOT SPEND IT. Oh wait you are the government so like tax payments by your fellow democrats it does not matter now does it.

Spending on schools does not stimulate the economy. It is a BUDGET PROPOSAL. This bill is miss named. If one sits down to read it in full, something I am still doing as it is a quagmire of pompous welfare and feel good crap. This bill is more of a budget proposal and not a stimulus proposal.


The version passed by the House has 647 pages of double talk, double spending, and lack of stimulus. It has on the other hand fringe theories and support for false science ...

That not less than $140,000,000 shall be available for climate data modeling. (page 52 line 14 &15)

Subtitle C—Science
For an additional amount for ‘‘Science’’,$400,000,000, of which not less than $250,000,000 shall be solely for accelerating the development of the tier 1 set of Earth science climate research missions recommended by the National Academies Decadal Survey. (page 53, lines 16 through 24)

This is double allocations for the same thing. Just writing it in differently to get more monies for climate studies that are favorable to the myth of global warming. That's $390,000,000.00 , 390 million people. For environmental studies by already employed people. How does this stimulate and create new jobs?

A continuing theme in this package is the allocation of $500,000,000.00 million dollars for implementation of programs. I want to know how this figure was formulated. How did 500 million become the accepted amount for implementing programs.

In this pork bill it is not until one is 94 pages into it do we get to any talk of ECONOMIC RECOVERY. It is not until page 100 that we get to lending procedures and refinancing.

Now a good program is FEMA. However FEMA has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with stimulating the economy. It has no reason to be in this bill. It needs to be debated and looked at another time. Yet on page 105 we have an allotment of $200,000,000.00 million for FEMA proposed.

Another good thing but has nothing to do with stimulus is found on page 105 as well.

Section 401(b) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. 1324a note) is amended by striking ‘‘11-year period’’ and inserting ‘‘16-year period’’.

How is this a job Creator or an economic stimulator? It isn't but just another example of the things that are being included in this bill that have nothing to do with what President Obama, Speaker of the House Pelosi, or Sen. Harry Reid are telling us is included in this bill or what this bill is about.

Pages 108 through 111 talk about homeland security and the continuing of Pilot training and the prevention of ILLEGALS and unwanted people from obtaining a license to pilot small aircraft. Yet another good program that has nothing to do with stimulus. So why is it in this bill? There is no mention of allocated funds or of job creation here. more wasted time by the Senate and the House on debate that does not deal with the economy.

For an additional amount for ‘‘Construction’’, $300,000,000, for priority road and bridge repair and replacement, and critical deferred maintenance and improvement projects on National Wildlife Refuges, National Fish Hatcheries, and other Service properties: Provided, That funds may be transferred to ‘‘Resource Management’’: Provided further, That the amount set aside from this appropriation pursuant to section 1106 of this Act shall be not more than 5 percent instead of the percentage specified in such section.

(page 112)

OK, money to shovel to pavement application here. But absolutely no numbers on jobs created for this and for how long will any of the jobs created by this $300 million will last. More then likely not longer then 18 months, as these types of jobs are seasonal and not long in endurance.

Page 114 allocates money for equipment but not jobs. $200,000,00.00 million for repair and restoration of Geological equipment. All good and well but again not much in the way of stimulus.

I'm tired and this bill has another 532 pages of pork to look at. Just go to the Speaker of the House web site and click on the reinvestment icon and download this fiasco yourself. It is published and in that a waste to the environment. How many trees died to print this out for congressional members?

If the economy is in such a dire situation as President Obama is claiming. Why is he pushing this on to the American Taxpayer. He claims that we need to move and act now on the economy yet he and his pals are placing pork over real stimulus. Socialism over Capitalism in the market place. If this bill is an example of how he plans to change things then we are in for a long four years. This bill is a prime example of Washington doing what it always does. NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL!

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