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Thursday, February 05, 2009 

Senate Beware

As President Obama and the leading Democrats in Congress and the Senate are ramming down our throats their spending bill. A bill that has BILLIONS in wasteful non stimulating proposals. More and more truth is coming out as to what this money is going for.

Billions for pet projects that will not go into effect for several years. Program increases in financial spending, and simple pork. Boulder Colorado for instance wanted 6 million to convert hybrid automobiles to full electric capability. Creating a massive increase of new jobs at ZERO. not a single new job created. This does not stimulate but waste. If Boulder wants to do this then let them find the money in their liberal bastion socialist. They have a rather high level of income in Boulder so they can pay to convert their own cars.

We have Billions set aside for refurbishing buildings and replacing office furniture. Again creating ZERO jobs. yes Mr. Biden that is a four letter word that this country needs J-O-B-S.
Instead we are being left out on this porkapoluza. The Conservative line seems to be caving.

Although the some fiscally responsible elected officials are standing up to this wasteful bill. Obama is putting the pressure on. He has agreed to sign a reduction in the spending as long as the total is still around 800 BILLION. Clue here. Still around 800 billion. That should be setting off alarms bells and whistles. How much more can be cut out of this pork bill.

If Obama and Reid would allow a true transparent look at this bill. Give the Senate a chance to really evaluate the projects and pork in this. I am betting that at least another 500 BILLION could be cut.

So what are we to do? If this theft of our hard earned tax money is passed. I am calling for the recall, the rebuke , and the non re election of ALL THOSE WHO VOTE FOR THIS.

As certain members of the Democratic party like to stand up and play the fear card. We see many companies that once held their hands out now pulling that hand back. The economy is spurting but moving along. So the truth is the fear card is to scare the American populace into support of pork by the government.

This is not the change and hope that was promised was it? Is this really what moderates who rode the fence during the election wanted. More wasteful spending? I do not think so.

many Bloggers will and are going to expose this and plaster the names of all who support this theft. An election year is coming and this will not be forgotten. All who support this better be ready to explain to their constituents why they should be elected back to office when they stole our money.

Senate get ready for the tidal wave of truth about your lack of leadership when it comes time to be elected.

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