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Monday, February 02, 2009 

Liberals to Candidates: Move left or do not get elected

The message was very clear during this last election cycle. The MSM even aided in this political shift of ideology. As more and more liberals came out and were credited as being informed and knowledgeable in politics. Despite the fact they never looked at a topic unless it was "progressive, enlightened and socialistic".

Move to the left side of the political isle or do not get elected. The blackmailing of candidates by denying funds and support. Offering nothing less then bad press and a full out assault of conservative notions.

Here we go again some may think. A vast left wing conspiracy theory of how there are commies under your bed and jihadist in the closet. No I am not promoting any such notion. What I am pointing out is fact. Reports from those who claim to have their finger on the pulse of the American people. Claims that they know what is best and wanted by the American voter and what is in their best interest.

The latest target of these socialist thinkers is the recently appointed Senator for New York, Kirsten Gillibrand. Now here is a woman who has been elected by the people of up state New York. Her stance on ILLEGAL ALIENS, and anti gun control legislation lead the way to her being elected. Now the pundits are saying she has to change her opinion and stance specifically on these topics if she wishes to be reelected to office.

Now lets look at fact. She ran for Congressional office on moderate to conservative principles. This is what put her into office. Gov. Patterson new this when he selected her to replace Hillary Clinton as U.S. Senator. Moderate to conservative values put her in the position of having support from the conservative upstate New Yorkers.

"She has to reposition herself geographically and ideologically," said pollster Lee M. Miringoff of Marist College. "Being pro-gun and anti-immigrant is not the way to go."

Assemb. Peter Rivera (D-Bronx) said Gillibrand's position "borders on xenophobia ... it is clear to me that Gillibrand will face a primary and create splits among New York Democrats that will only serve to damage our party."

Her opposition to curbing the flow of illegal guns has drawn fire from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others. Hispanic officials have criticized her rejection of amnesty for illegal immigrants and support for a guest worker program and more border security.

To be elected, experts said, the Democrat from upstate Hudson must discard her opposition to gun control and illegal immigration, both supported by large segments of her party. She also has to become known and seen to be working on behalf of Long Island, New York City and its other suburbs, home to nearly 60 percent of the population, they said.

(quotes in red are from http://www.newsday.com/news/local/politics/ny-stsena0201,0,1297042.story )

Notice how all the advice is for her to abandon any responsible outlook on gun control and immigration matters. Two key hot topics of the left who want to remove the second amendment and open our borders wide for any who want to come here at any time with no restrictions to do so. In other words take the liberal stance on topics and we will get you elected. Stay under the evil influence of moderate thinking or conservatism responsibility and we will not support or elect you.

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