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Wednesday, February 04, 2009 

Corporate Compensation

Corporate compensation is a hot topic right now. It leads some of this mornings headlines on the boob tube. As strange as this sounds in a way I have to agree with President Obama on this. If a corporation accepts and takes federal bailout money then yes the compensation needs to be limited. After all the company has accepted our money and is using it to stay out of bankruptcy. This then opens the door to federal regulation and control.Nationalization of the company and federal interference in its daily operations.

Now that is ONLY for those who accept the money. For those companies that make the needed changes and adaptations to stay afloat. There , by no means is deserving of restricting their pay scale for executives. This is the way of socialist and the redistribution of wealth. The rewarding of those who don't by those who do.

If a corporations board of directors feels that a huge salary and compensation package is deserved by the CEO and that the company does not take tax payers money then who is the government to tell them that they have to change their ways. The government as it stands now has no right, no moral authority , or standing to limit the pay of such people.

yes there are many who think that all executives are evil and corrupt. That they do not deserve any compensation or a wage above minimum wage. The envious of those who have not over those who have. This is a key factor that the Liberal Democrats are going to, and are playing up. Class envy in the worst way. Promote the welfare state by all means.

We have to be very watchful and careful now as the Legislature is pursuing the most radical and expensive welfare bill in history. Having faced fiscal responsibility for years, there is no front of any note now against these tax and spend, handout liberals. So with no resistance to speak of the liberals are trying their best to jam down our throats a change in not only our way of life but in our economic system.

Facts show that liberals in key positions of our government have failed to do their jobs and having no oversight and leadership on their part, contributed immensely to the financial breakdown we are seeing now. One cannot deny that Barney Frank's lack of oversight , either by design or ability, Rangle, and Dodd as well. Did contribute to the Fannie Mae Freddie Mac debacle. So instead of disclosing the files on these corporations frauds. The government is going after Banks that are private in operation being regulated to accept and make bad business decisions and loans.

If left alone these financial institutes would have never made these mortgages and hence we would not have a mortgage failure/bailout.

Moral to this story is this. If a company accepts federal money then they need to be subject to certain restrictions on wages. if the company is left alone and not hindered by social engineering programs and mandates. Then the government has no right or authority to limit salaries.

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