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Monday, March 02, 2009 

The Left is running Scared

The left in this country are running scared, and it has only been thirty days into their latest attack on this country. Last weeks CPAC has them in a full out panic. The drive by MSM is out to spin and distort the truth as never before. With the exposing of their liberal social agenda in disguise of their porkulus and budget passage in Washington. The truth is out as to their real identities of tax and spend policy. Something that they try with all their might to deny but cannot.

Tonight's attempt by one of the lefts media darlings, Geraldo on FOX. Was one of the poorest attempts made. With the rest of the left entrenched in their make believe world of journalism, Geraldo demonstrated his lack of even simple understanding of making any sort of argument that had a chance of holding water.

Others would point out that Rush Limbaugh is only a radio host, yet Geraldo went beyond this and declared Rush as the leader of the Republican party. A complete miss on the target and a lack of any credible spin. While Rush is a republican he is not the leader of the Republican Party. What Rush is , is a voice for conservatism and common sense. Something that the left and Geraldo have no understanding of.

For twenty plus years Rush Limbaugh has pointed out and voiced a conservative view. The left lead by an unqualified and possibly ineligible President Obama. Are specifically going after the most out spoken conservative voice left in this country. While there are still many conservative voices out there. Michael Savage, Mike Gallegher, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannety, more notable nationally. The left is focusing on Rush. Why? Simple he speaks the truth and has the largest audience of the conservative movement.

While Rush spoke this weekend and rallied the conservative movement. He pointed out the many fallacies of the left and their agenda. Most poignant the fact that Socialism has failed world wide. He pointed out the bigotry and the lack of tolerance the present every time that they propose legislation of even open their mouths to speak.

This is something that the left cringe at. The fact that there are still some out there that are smart enough to listen to what is said and not fall for the smoke and mirror policy of feel good bad legislation. Legislation that in the long run will not help but hinder the American way of life. Yes the American way of life. Something that the left have been trying to do for decades. The dumbing down of our educational system. The systematic reduction of our personal liberties, through so called "if it only saves one" policies.

While the left work hard at spinning the truth on the culture of corruption and ignore the monetary kickbacks, favors, and abuse of office on the lefts behalf. Only pointing out mostly shame and false accusations against those who show qualities of Americanism. Something in which the left hate.

We are at war. A war on the very essence of what this country was founded on. Our founding fathers knew that to make this country unique and prosperous we needed to reward hard work and those who strive to achieve a better way of life. While our founding fathers knew that it was the responsibility of the majority to look out for the minority. They knew that it was the individual who was responsible to provide for themselves on a day to day level and that certain desires and wants were not entitlements or a guarantee.

That the majority would from time to time have to give some a hand up, not a hand out. This philosophy has been perverted into a hand out and no sign of a hand up. A radical concept of rewarding personal achievement was in placed into our countries founding. The Constitution outlined a set of regulations that limited the government in its use of power over that of the individual. This was called the Bill of Rights. An outline in black and white of what can and can not be done by the government. The founding fathers also saw that each state needed to govern themselves but have a set of commerce regulations that superseded the state to benefit the nation as a whole without punishing or showing favoritism to any one state.

Examples of this is the way that the census aligns voting representation in congress. IT also set up a neutral district in which neither political party would have an advantage over the other. This was the District of Columbia or as we know it Washington D.C.

Now the left in a full court press is saying that the Constitution does not matter and that they can realign and do what ever they want to. Giving the District of Columbia a vote. They have had representation but now a vote to go with it. A Constitutional transgression that would require a national 2/3 vote. Something the left is denying the country.

As little abuses of power like this are pointed out. The left is getting scared. Not only from breaking the law but scared that they will lose their power in Washington. Something that is going to happen with the next election cycle. That is if they are continued to be exposed for their fraud, law breaking, and favoritism to political lobbyist of the left.

The movement to silence the right and freedom of speech is underway through a back door process. By circumventing the Fairness in Broadcasting principle of direct censorship. The left in their panic are trying to backdoor into policy ownership and policies of local broadcasting that will not only hurt but hinder communications as a business in this country. Dictating when and what we are allowed to watch and listen to. A clear act of the desperate despot to maintain control of the masses.

Yes the left is in a state of panic and it is showing with each and every day that passes. The aid of those in the MSM is evident in their lack of understanding of what they inadvertently are doing. Their own ignorance of the agenda that they are propagandising and advocating is only the first in this multi front blitz against this country.

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