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Thursday, April 16, 2009 

Is there a connection?

Could there be some truth to the rumor of Obama goose steppers coming soon to control the populace. A civilian defense that is a s well armed and trained as the military. A new version of Hitlers brown shirts enforcing political correctness in the streets, schools , and homes of the American citizen.

The recent report from the DHS that says military veterans, those American citizens who call for law enforcement, and even the Catholic Church because they oppose abortion. All named as right wing radicals. In other words those who think of the big picture while protecting their personal freedoms and rights are to be considered extremists.

Lets throw in a few more dots to connect here and it does look plausible. The push for more mental health care for those who served. A good thing , but wait it comes with the legal marker that would prevent non active military personnel from purchasing fire arms do to the fact this mental health care will categorise these vets having mental problems when they don't. A disqualified for the legal purchase of fire arms.

Next the dots of the recent Tax Tea Party attenders. Labeled by our ever fair and more then balanced MSM who says that all who attended are anti government, anti Obama wackos.

Today's trip to our southern friend Mexico by the open border supporting administration. The acceptance of Mexico's spin that now all the border violence is all America's fault because we are all drug addicts. That there is no real threat from Mexico. Remember that quote. No real threat. Despite the fact that just this week anti aircraft guns were taken from the Cartels.

So if we take these dots and line them up. We can arrange them into a fashion in which it would look like the lies about the border are a setup. That the push to make conservatives into the enemy of this country and the removal of the second amendment rights of veterans lead to a creation of goose stepping political correct police that will abolish the last remnants of the constitution.

Maybe , maybe not. Just something to think about as Janet Napolitano now backtracks as fast as she can from her support of the DHS report that did label conservatives as right wing extremists.

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