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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 

Remember this face

Remember this face!

Is it the face of tyranny and oppression? Or is it the face of a misguided fool. One who despite the position in government has not a clue as to what is truly a threat to this nation and its people, or is this person really working as hard as she can to subvert and destroy this nation.

Promoting an agenda that censors and lies about those who believe in the true meaning of freedom and the documents that we hold dear.

Janet Napolitano is the Sec. of Homeland Defense. In her current position she is charged with the protection of this nation on the home front and its borders. Yet she favors open border policy, publishes reports that hold no statistical data or truth only conjecture against those who do not follow her belief in amnesty.

The recently released report on right wing "extremists" is just more propaganda that is misleading and wrong.

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