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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 

The Enemy is within the gates

This is amazing. Not only is it crazy but absurd, ludicrous, stupid, and dangerous. Not only does this woman have no background to be appointed to this position, her stance on defense issues are very anti American military. What am I talking about? The appointment of Rosa Brooks to a high level position as an advisor to the defense department.

Who is Rosa Brooks? Rosa Brooks is a columnist for the Los Angeles Times and a professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, where she specializes in international law. She also serves as Director of Georgetown Law's Human Rights Institute.

She has also served as a senior advisor at the US Department of State’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, a consultant for the Open Society Institute and Human Rights Watch, a fellow at the Carr Center at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, a board member of Amnesty International USA, a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a lecturer at Yale Law School, and a member of the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law. All of which are left leaning organizations that so not support or think highly of the United States and its Military.

Her left wing associations continue. She currently serves on the board of the National Security Network, serves on the steering committee of the White Oak Foreign Policy Leaders' Project, the steering committee of the Connect US Fund's Project on Foreign Policy Priorities for the Next President, and on the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Fragile States.

All these groups and organizations have a one track mind. The elimination of Capitalism and America.

Am I being an alarmist? HELL YEAH! This woman will be given access to top secrete plans, numbers, information that the left (certain Socialist, Islamic and Communist states ) would love to get their hands on.

As one who believes that international law supersedes the American Constitution. Is there any concern out of Washington that she may just spill the beans and work against what out our nation was founded on?

Here we have a person who thinks the rights of the pirates are more important then those who they take hostage and steal from. This is a person who thinks that terrorist have special civil rights. Rights that are no where to be found in the Geneva convention, or the rules of war. She would rather prosecute those who defend this nation instead of going after those who would willingly kill American women and children.
What in the hell is going on in Washington. We have tax cheats being put in charge of the economy, and now those who hate the military in positions of authority over the military. The inmates are running the asylum, and the enemy is within the gates.

woa harsh

I call it like I see it. I could have added her quotes on the last administration, and how she feels that it is all Israels fault that there is no peace in the middle east as well.

This woman has no business being in the position that they have appointed her to. We would be better off having a CAIR memebr or an illegal alien in this office other then her.

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