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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 

Robert Shrum: does he smoke something illegal?

Have you read the latest garbage from Robert Shrum? Well first who is this guy and why is what he says nothing more than spin from the left hiding the truth of what is happening.

Robert Shrum, in order to know where he stand we must know where he sits ( a very wise saying from Mike Rosen on KOA 850 Denver). ROBERT M. SHRUM has been a senior adviser to the Gore 2000 presidential campaign. The chief strategist for the 2004 Kerry-Edwards campaign, he is currently a Senior Fellow at New York University's Wagner School of Public Service.

So now we know that he is clearly a left winger and his agenda is tilted to one side of the spectrum.

Lets look at some of the rather insulting wrongful conclusions he makes in his column:

The pettiness plays out on every conceivable stage—from the do-nothing, denounce-everything Republican minority in Congress, to the do-anything Republican attempt to overturn the Senate election in Minnesota, and the say-anything attacks of right-wing talk radio. Democrats, who had every reason to be bitter after the 2000 election, actually gave Bush a job approval rating almost ten points higher than the one Republicans now begrudge Obama—and they did so during the floundering, pre-9/11 muddle of the Bush Presidency.

The pettiness, it was not pettiness when the democratic party was out of favor in Washington and sat in contempt of their jobs by blocking and filler busting anything that the Republican party put forth.

The do nothing attempt to get to the bottom of obvious voter fraud and rigged election in Minnesota. Shrum neglects to mention all the major transgressions that were perpetrated by the democrats in fraudulent vote counting, for instance. In certain precincts they had more votes then voters.

Next the one thing all the left loves to attack. Talk Radio. Why because to borrow a Jack Nicholson line, THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH, so they spin and twist, then lie about what is said, especially when it exposes their corruption. Remember Nancy Pelosi Robert. She promised to end the culture of corruption, oh wait that was only if it was with people who disagreed with her. Meaning she ignores the real corruption in her own back yard and party.

Then the old tired line of Bush lied people died. Pre 9/11 blame game. Robert face the truth . There is enough blame to go around , so do not start to point fingers on this as more then a fair share go back to the democrats, your candidate Al, and his buddy Bill.

Shrum has this to say about President Obama :

a President who pursues sweeping economic change while conquering hearts and minds overseas and coolly dispatching the shoot-to-kill order that freed an American ship captain from Somali Pirates.

One can not argue the sweeping economic change . It is a change that when it comes to fruition we will be devastated with debt. However to spin ans say coolly dispatching the shoot to kill order. This is the spin and lie of the week. The Navy is already charged with protecting the lives of American Maritime personnel. What Obama did was to restrict and hinder the Navy in freeing Capt. Phillips sooner. Obama showed no leadership and now tries to take credit for something he almost screwed up.

Shrums article goes on to talk about Newt Gingrich , the sour soul in the Republican party. How more Republicans are identifying themselves as independent and leaning to the Democrats for companionship. He calls for more moderation in the conservative movement.

He neglects to mention that in reality more and more Democrats are questioning and going against the Obama administration and its agenda then being supported by RINO's. He neglects the fact that the RINO's are now being rooted out and held accountable. In other words his column is nothing more then liberal propaganda given credit as being gospel. Where as it is nothing new but more regurgitated lies and spin from the left in more attempts to brainwash the uninformed.

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