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Thursday, April 23, 2009 

Loose Weight, it will save the planet

We were warned that it would come. We saw it first with the hit jobs against fast food places. Then we saw it enter the school system. Then it came right at us full force in the face. It did not work well. Many balked at the intrusion into our lives. So now they take yet another approach and this time they will force it upon us.

What am I talking about? The anti Barbie doll crowd wants to impose their view of how we live and what we look like on us. This time it is with the green approach. You have to do it in order to save the planet. Become a goose stepping minon to the global warming mongers. You have to after all it is because you are over weight the planet is dying.

You consume more food, this means that more land is used in production of food. You drive more then others , thus you use more fossil fuel then others. You labor when you breath, thus you personally contribute more Co2 to the atmosphere then others. Lets face it it is you that is killing the planet.

Plus look at the bonus of loosing weight. you look better, there are less medical problems in your life. This helps out the medical profession and the push for nationalising health care. Just think Government will soon make you loose weight. After all it is their agenda to run your life because you have been irresponsible with it to start with.

Remember the Big Brother Obama Green movement knows what is best and you don't!

I am convinced that thought this outlook on our society's mindset to be thin, that it's nothign more than a way to kill us all quicker. A larger or fat person can survive off body fat in a crisis but a skiiny person will die in days or weeks.. Could this be a plot, a part of a bigger plan?

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