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Monday, April 20, 2009 

The Economy, The White House, and the LIES! AAAAAAAARRRRRGH

Sitting here listening to Neil Cavuto on FOX news I am livid. I am fed up with out right lies and spin that comes form those who think the American tax payer is stupid.

I am calling the White House and its lieing staff out. This bogus B.S. of you are getting a tax cut if you make less then $250,000.00 a year. If you make less then this you receive a tax credit not a cut. I concede that point. However the FACT that cost of living taxes are going up on every thing else does not change the fact that taxes are increasing.

Do they think that just because we receive an extra $13 dollars a week that is not taxed yet but when we do our taxes next year the tax tables will not have changed. That the extra 676 dollars we get will put the majority in a higher tax bracket is something we do not see? Are they the ones who are really stupid?


If taxes ( being called an increase in fees) goes up on energy consumption, phone bills, the Internet for crying out loud. These are taxes and going up is an increase. Do they not understand this on the left or are they so greedy that they think the average American will never notice this?

I say each and every one of the spin doctors that come on television and lie about this needs to be called to the carpet on it. I say if they want to stifle our voice we sing louder and stronger. Shout down this tyranny that the left is creating. They are no better then the thieves calling themselves pirates in Somalia.

Quit trying to deceive the people with the spin of "you are getting a tax cut". Call it what it is a TAX CREDIT at best. Do not lie about the increases in cost of living.

On top of it all for GOD's sake, stop saying you inherited this when Obama and his cronies are the ones who have doubled and tripled the deficit.

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